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It flash memory, sd cards, solid state drives, flash drives, even the storage in your phone. Only has a limited number of writes. They must have really cheeped out on their chip provider if they are failing this early.

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Clickbait. Tesla cars are fine. My uncle owns one.

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They're fine until parts break on them and Tesla refuses to replace them because the car's out of warranty.

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BREAKING NEWS : Car is fine until parts break, more at Eleven.

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Emmc is just an sd card with a different connection. They aren't even using the newer Samsung cards meant for cameras and so they only have a limited number of write cycles.

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And the owner can't replace it.

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That's the worst part of all this, the physical limits of those kinds of memory is not news. There should be card slots in the glove box to swap these out

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cant tell if elon is incompetent or a conman

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The answer is yes.

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Yet another hit piece from zerohedge

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Unplug it then plug it back in.

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People who buy those pieces of shit are retarded. Tesla's are big toys made by a spoiled child named Elon Musk.