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Maybe if copyright laws were not bullshit, and companies were reasonable like they were decades ago, people wouldn't feel the need to pirate. Most people I know who pirate don't do so because "It's free" but rather to give the finger to the company. People might like an IP and want to play games from it, but if EA or something like that is the one making the games, people won't want to support their evil business practices.

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You hit the nail on the head. I have absolutely no problem buying good movies and games that don't promote the kike agenda. On the other hand, I seed the shit out of all the microheebaction titles and the shitty movies, as well as all the nonpozzed linux distros and openbsd. My 24TB server is jam packed full of kike kvetching goodies. Been doing it for years, and I have never, not once, recieved a dmca notice. Just don't be a retard, and you have nothing to worry about.

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Do you have any examples of non-pozzed Linux distros? I've been looking around but don't really know how to distinguish them.

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I do it solely because its free, i dont give a shit about the morality of the whole thing. Life is too short and theres not enough money to pay everygoddamn jew.