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"..attackers utilizing WhatsApp’s voice calling function to call a target’s phone. Even if the call was not picked up, the spy software would be installed, and, the FT reported, the call would often vanish from the phone’s call log. "

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My son is deployed and Whatsapp is about the only way we get to communicate in anything like a timely manner. As soon as he gets back that shit is coming off my devices.

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what else can we use, if not whatsapp?

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Good thing I don't have that app.

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The app itself is a security risk. It's common knowledge that it is constantly listening.

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Whatsapp is a Zuckerburg company. Avoid the 'Noid.

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Lol at any of you if you buy a Smart phone especially the ones from 2010-present or from Jew owned companies

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I'm sure whatever system you used to post here is compromised as well.