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my linux laptop has security updates 3 times a week curently. (so it seems for this reason and others linux is about as secure as pc/mac)

bsd id like to try again.

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My laptop is Linux Mint, my main work PC Win7 (for life!) and my gaming PC is Windows 10 and fuck do I hate fucking Windows 10.

It was a tough choice between Windows and Linux for the gaming but so many games are PC only I figured I needed it. Having owned the thing for a couple or three months now, and realizing how little time I get to play games anyway, my next gaming build will be Linux. I don't actually have to play every game that comes out and don't have time anyway, so Linux games will be enough.

What really does depress me is how the cunts at the Linux Foundation are selling out to Microsoft*, and have never really supported the desktop anyway. Would really love if some serious group would split away and concentrate 100% on phones and PCs with the deliberate intention of capturing Windows and Android users by making it easy for them to switch.

Yes, that's arguably Linux Mint that I use, but even that, the developers don't give a flying fuck about the end users. They openly state their primary interest is coding for the fun of coding and building something for themselves. People like me, looking for a friendly and easy to use alternative to Windows are tolerated, rather than sought out.

Yes Android is based on Linux, but where are the pure Linux phones?

*Windows will be incorporating the Linux kernel soon, because the Foundation cunts sold out basically, which means there will be zero need for anyone to build specifically for Linux machines, when any Windows machine can run the kernel.

It's all incredibly sad to me, because as Microsoft, who are already pushing the Software as a Service model, regain a total monopoly? Then they'll fuck you up the ass good n hard, without a rubber. And what can you do about it?

For their next trick, already planned, Microsoft will be moving to "desktop as a service", in fact it's hard to say how that's any different from Windows 10 really, other than they'll more openly charge you per month or per year to have an operating system on 'your' hardware.

Fuck it's depressing.

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Regardless of titles, look and feel, I would never trust anything running on a Windoze machine. REPLACE it with Linux and you have done something useful.

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I've been there for years. Shit already happened except for the cattle.

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Not this shit again