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I'll be expecting my $14.88 compensation check in the mail.

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Yeah that's the best. Class action suits make the kike lawyers rich with a "settlement" after they've committed hundreds of millions of felonies for a fraction of what they made selling the data and no one goes to jail and none of the illegal actives stop.

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You know I sometimes wounder why I even read the truth its fucking depressing as shit. I know you're right it's sad.

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Opt out and sue them yourself.

Mr. Billionaire.

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I switched to consumer cellular. no bs and its like $20 a month. fuck big tech and phone companies they have always been parasites.

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I use them too. Nice plans and free roaming. We're still giving att all of our data though

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These fucking companies. We need anti-trust laws.

Oh first we have to hang congress since they are working against the people.

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It's just relocation of money in between the same group of people. jews jewing jews.