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Windows 10 is what finally made me move to Linux. Haven’t looked back since.

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That's how a lot of people felt when they first encountered it. Finally felt it was worth the effort of learning Linux and getting used to it thanks to Windows being ever more shitty. Would it have killed them just to keep it like Windows 7 and keep it up to date? People would have paid for that like they did in the past.

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Lutris for gaming is great. Lots of custom Lutris install scripts online that do lots of WINE config for you.

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I don't play games that much anymore. Most stuff I run is either emulated or on Steam. But Lutris seems great. It was a hassle to configure Wine back in the days.

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Same. Fuck windows.

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Fuckers have tried 2-3 times now to turn my windows 7 to 10. I would have been PISSED.

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Good morning! Let me choose 9AM on a Monday to hijack your PC to install a massive update that will take two hours. Sorry about that!

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Oh, and by the way, the features you need no longer work. And we don't give a shit. Enjoy your upgraded Windows experience.

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When your life is at such a degraded level of SHIT that you are posting ANIME along with Windows update bullshit, then it's time to think about pulling your clit out by the fucking roots.

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"If you turn off your PC you might lose your data."

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Fuck windows.

Bill gates Never made anything good. he was just the PR person for mass surveillance. Literally a CIA funded company. You fools.

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kill yourself pedophile loser

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