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facebook will come up with any bullshit excuse to fuck over the white man. that's all it's about.

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Muslims do more than just threaten. They are the most likely group to follow through on their threats. The people who murder based on online conversations aren't the gorilla warfare experts with over 300 confirmed kills, they're the admiral akbars.

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Pretty sure the kikes report people for "cyberattacks" and bomb them for it but ok

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They are afraid of Muslims, they are not afraid of American citizens. Americans won't do shit but bitch.

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It's true. For now

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BS. Faceberg is part of Jewish PR promoting that we need to keep fighting wars for Israel. Muslims are harmless except when the Jew imports them as proxy warriors.

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The self-declared "Muslims" on facebook are most likely false flag bots managed by JIDF / Mossad

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Facebook doesn't realize the the truely dangerous people are the liberal, stupid, parasitic, delusional nigger loving people that people like me detest on several valid grounds. God sends strong delusions to the damned. A robber is NICE to you if you GIVE him your wealth voluntarily. Evil shows its true face ONLY when forced to. When the shit goes south for them EXPECT them to demand entrance (otherwise WE are evil according to their unrepentant delusions) into the fortress. NOT going to happen you realize.

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Couldn’t agree more that there is no such thing as “hate speech”. That phrase needs to die.

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But they don't, they just want to see the death of conservative America to usher in a new globalist mulatto shopping mall.

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Brazil 2.0 baby plus with all these retarded mutts that will pledhe allegiance to defend israel tje kikes will have an unstoppable force

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It's obviously done for their ideology more than anything. They certainly aren't a neutral platform.

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