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If you write "bad" it will suggest that we don't need a word for that, because you can just use "ungood". And "terrible" can be: "double-plus ungood". See how much simpler that is.

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Holy shit.

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Yeah, I'm pissed off because you can't call them "negresses" anymore. You're now supposed to just call them niggers.

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Goddamn it, it was supposed to be a warning not an instruction manual!

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It was neither; he was revealing the playbook.

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Say you write, “We need to get some fresh blood in here.” The AI is likely to underline “fresh blood” and suggest “new employees” instead.

TF is wrong with "flesh blood"? That's just informal, not politically incorrect, you leftist cucks.

It might underline places where your writing exhibited gender bias. If you tend to say “mailman” or Congressman” in the generic, it might suggest you use “mailperson” or “Congressperson.” If you use the term “gentlemen’s agreement,” it may suggest you use “unspoken agreement” instead.

The author clearly exhibits intelligence deficiency. That's forced language alteration by soyboys, not gender bias.

The AI’s training data also includes Wikipedia pages, which are constantly being updated and corrected.

As if wikipedia isn't ruled by leftists...

The good news is that just as you can ask Word not to give you grammar suggestions, you can go into the settings and tell it not to monitor the correctness or sensitivity of your words.

And then, they will do the Google Chrome Dev Team trick: remove the option.

In general, idea is nice. I'd love to use objective suggestions from thesaurus, which would sound better. However it's very hard to not fuck it up. This particular implementation by dumb soyboys will be twisted for sure.

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TFW when that's gender bias, and you should use "soyperson"

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it might suggest you use “mailperson”

That's still politically uncorrect, it should suggest "personperson".

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That's still politically incorrect. You're not respecting non-persons.

What about furries, mermaids, and people identifying as an attack helicopter?

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"fresh blood" is a Southern pre-Civil War colloquialism that meant: rested negroes. Blacks use the word 'blood' to refer to rach other.

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Interesting, and a good warning against using that phrase - last thing any project needs is an injection of niggers who have just woken up and hungry for their fried chicken...

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Some people think it was for big corporations to keep PR on the up and up. BigCorps want their office drones to avoid lawsuits and protests...

Perhaps, but we here know the world runs on power. :/

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Stuff like the "fresh blood" example are especially crazy. Like another poster said, that's not even "insensitive" in any way, it's just informal and a bit earthy. It gives life to a conversation.

Liberals want us all living in sterile padded rooms.

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double plus ungood

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use Libre office

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Thanks for posting this, it's important to spread awareness of uncucked alternatives. This sucks but MS Word is no longer the only option.

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They'll implement the same thing, in fifteen years.

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It's open source so it can be forked. Unlike microsoft shit

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Especially when you consider that the OpenDocument Format was supposed to become the de facto standard until Microsoft bribed the selection committee and created the Office Open XML standard for fear of not having total control over office standards. From this point on, it's ODx or nothing for me.

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good point

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both male and female mail carriers are mailmen

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It's gender-neutral happy letter human you bigot!

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>letter huMAN


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In my home we call the mailbitches.

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It's oystaperson you bigoted buffoon.

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"Microsoft doesn’t call it a “political correctness check,” but that’s essentially what it is. Not that there’s anything wrong with that."

Like fuck there isn't, you retarded shekel-niggers...

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How the fuck are we headed to 2001 and 1984 at the same time?

"I'm afraid you can't type that Winston."

They are creating a PC module for their AIs. Tay has taught them that if AI is to exist then it too must be lobotomized.

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It is always the right time for a Holocaust joke.

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This is disturbing as hell. Sure, you can turn it off, but that's not the point.

The vast, vast majority of users are clueless twits who would never even know that auto-correct CAN be turned off, let alone how to do it. And even at that, they wouldn't want to. It's just too "convenient" for them. And then they will almost always go through and accept whatever corrections the "brainbox" makes, regardless of whether or not it makes sense.

Microsoft knows this. They're counting on it. They're going to start slowly changing people's words, and counting on the collective laziness of their userbase to begin controlling how we communicate.

It's pure. fucking. evil.

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