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Nope. 7 yrs. clean.

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Never made an account on any of that shit.
I somehow still get emails from facebook for friend suggestions?

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2 years here

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I had a Twitter account I used to trigger people and for /pol/ ideas. Sadly, I was purged during the NPC movement. Lots of conservative normies use it in a general context though.

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My account is still banned for using an NPC. Tried to contact them to have it unsuspended. They just ignore my emails. They will not even talk about it.

Who care really though.

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nope, i'm not a faggot or woman.

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Never have been.

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some claim the parody was too close to the real thing, which is why it was banned

lol, because she's so retarded that you can't tell between the real her and a parody account

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All this complaining about terms of service but nobody Questions the investors or NGOs ramming their politics into everything.

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Poe's Law.

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  1. CDA immunity should have been lost long ago, but the recent escalation in deplatforming seals the deal.
  2. These platforms have become so monopolistic that they look more like utilities than traditional businesses. The electric/ water company cant refuse services if they don't like your politics. Even if the SPLC really wants them to.

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But for (((some reason))) the creditcard companies, banks, and payment processors all are allowed...

We got a real kike problem that needs a solution.

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I'd be scared shitless to work for one of these tech companies right now. Their offices are going to be burned and their employees all killed.

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Here’s hoping!

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When the Day comes our goats on the inside will be able to identify themselves fairly easily, I'd think.

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Meanwhile, hundreds of Trump parody accounts continue to operate.

Time to strip Twitter of their platform status so the whole world can begin launching lawsuits.

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Not a day goes by when I don't hear about this cunt. She is the Jew media's little baby!

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No she’s not, the guy who made the parody account was Jewish. She’s being set up as the kosher sandwich dialectic. Get the goyim to hate her and nobody will notice the jew behind the curtain. And of course idiotic boomer cuckservatives fall for it. She’s all they talk about in v/GreatAwakening and v/QRV

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Cenk Uygur is behind her with the Justice Democrats

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This is why I love voat. You get it.

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That's what happens when you audition at a casting call for their political platform.

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lol love that guy's name "intoxicating masculinity"

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Not sure why anyone uses Twitter anymore. It's a liberal landfill.

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Mass triggerings are amusing.

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Because it's where you can communicate with the world in a fundamentally different way than was possible in the past.

Don't let the kikes keep and hold such ground the same as they have with every other form of mass media. At least not without a fight.

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