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So if chips with back doors are neing banned in the US for uor safety, what do we do about Intel?

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Yeah, um, that web site is bullshit.

3G requires a separate card in the laptop. The management engine does have a deliberate backdoor, but the credentials for that go to the motherboard manufacturer, not intel.

If you want really secure devices, buy a newer apple device with the T2 chip. Things like the management engine require cooperation with the motherboard, and Apple simply doesn’t.

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More people need to know about the «Evil Inside» their chips. ME, who knows about this? If you think the NSA have power...

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I recall seeing something about Intel's chips having hardware backdoors since 1995

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Its kind of funny the length the US will go so it retains the main spy title.

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To be King, you must destroy all those who challenge your rule.

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Like they all don't have backdoors.

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Yeah but they don’t all disobey sanctions against Israel’s enemies.

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Wow, Slashdot is still alive? More surprised by that than Chinese being spying bastards tbh.

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12 years ago changed made to silence anon posts ruined the site, 10 years ago changes made to make the site WORTHLESS to use with javascript off ruined the site more, and 8 years ago changes to make browsing while not logged in or ev owning an account WORTHELSS...


finally the 1998 meme of "slashdot" is dying, is appropriate.

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Slashdot was the thing in the late '90s.

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A quick look at Chinese cryptography law and you would have known this is the case without even buying the phone. I still want one

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No shit. At least the chinks just want my money. My own government wants to genocide me.

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I'm not realy agree

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what is the Hidden Backdoors it

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It's way past time to move away from trading with China. The money US consumers spend on cheap Chinese crap is directly financing the modernization and rapid expansion of the Chinese military. They clearly have designs on taking over as global hegemon. I doubt they will be too friendly to us if that happens. The outcome will ultimately be decided with violence, when they feel they're strong enough to challenge us and win. We need to prevent that day from coming. Thanks to the internet, it is easier than ever to search for a US made product.

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This is why tariffs exist. Merchantalism makes things more expensive, sure. But the real price of cheap goods is living under the control of a foreign nation.

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We're not getting cheaper goods because of china. Businesses buy the goods cheap, and then mark them up to the price it would've cost had they made it in america. We get none of the jobs and all of the cost.

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