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Notch isn't alone in feeling the way he does. I'm sure a lot of game developers would voice the same exact opinions, or even more extreme.

The difference is that Notch has legitimate FUCK YOU money and can say pretty much whatever the fuck he wants.

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Yup. I don't think he really cares about minecraft anymore. And I wouldn't either after a 2bil payday. Imagine the bullshit shitlording you could fund with that amount of cash. Hell, you could set up a grant that takes a % off the stock portfolio of a fund just for that and still live a lavish life.

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he needs to be our right wing george soros, and if he isn't doing that he's fucking up massively

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I'm sure a lot of game developers would voice the same exact opinions, or even more extreme.

Plenty have. A literal fucktonne of professionals. However many get fired from their jobs when outed during persistent harassment campaign sometimes including death threats called into their home phone begin. That's why I think most shy away from making their opinions public out of fear, and why demographics of opinion on this matter will continue to be completely skewed until that problem is fixed.

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Why doesn't he just throw his own party.

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Or even better, form his own party and run for office like Carl "Sargon of Akkad" Benjamin.

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$CURRENT_YEAR, when you can literally be unpersoned and removed from the history of the very thing that you created with your own hands, simply for having the 'wrong' opinion.

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World cleansing fire would be a respite at this point. Stay tuned for when we all beg for the mountains to fall on us

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Papa John delivers.

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In their minds they think because he took a massive payday, 2bill, for what they think is bullshit "oh what is this? It cures cancer? Oh it CREATES cancerous faggot tweens that do what? Stay in doors and build shit as if they were actually outside!?!?"

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The 10 year anniversary is going to look to the 'past, present and future'. Except for the past, and the creator, the white MALE who single-handedly created the game, of course.

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They go after the innovators and talent. We see it over and over again and it's about the same old communist jealousy that takes down communist countries. James Watson said the gene code was a double helix structure and then showed the world it was. They hear a million voices saying politically incorrect things and yet James Watson was singled out and made a target of shunning. Brendon Eichs, one of the founders of what became the mozilla communist scum factory gave $100.00 to a traditional family group and had to be publicly punished and shunned out of his job. He had the talent to invent Java Script, love it or hate it, and that was his real crime.

It's always people with genuine merit and ability they hate. Yes, they would all rather live in a third world shithole with no innovation than put up with people displaying talent they don;t have. That's why it's perfectly OK that Zuckerberg stole the code for facebook. If he had have written it himself, they would have hanged him metaphorically a long time ago.

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More like because he's a dirty jew who helps jews jew non-jews.

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They're just pushing us out of our complacency. We need innovative way to completely dominate them while being outnumbered and caught off guard. It's Thermopoli all over again.

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than put up with people displaying talent they don;t have

Has it even been established yet with 100% certainty that this prominent cultural divide in the West hasn't been manufactured by a specific foreign government or specific NGO to begin with? Has the exact source of this tumor which has been metastasizing for clearly more than a decade now even been identified yet? Has it been confirmed most people don't actually agree with the direction they're being forced into with this cultural shift?

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The event will look at the “past, present and exciting future of the decade-old franchise,” according to the company.


An update to the game last month removed loading screen text on “Minecraft” that referenced Persson.

This is a literal attempt at rewriting the past. Unpersoning. Orwell didn't just describe an observed predictable behavior of governments - he also described the natural predictable actions of corporations and NGOs that behave exactly the same.

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Did you know: Orwell studied (French) under Aldous Huxley, and that his wife worked for the British government, censoring information during WWII? I bet Orwell did too, but it is still classified.

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"The /r/games thread has a bunch of posts claiming that a fake racist tweet is real, based on someone replying to a Notch tweet 8 years later with the fake screenshot and falsely claiming to have replied hours later despite both Twitter timestamps and archives proving this is not the case. The fake screencap itself has been floating around since 2011, someone on Something Awful originally made it as a joke. The real tweet that it's an edit of is a joke implying that people in a fictional setting were bigots.

I was going to reply pointing out the screencap is fake but the thread has now been locked "due to the amount of comments that promote transphobia, homophobia, racism, and bigotry" (which based on the actual comments seems to simply mean that some people were disagreeing with the smears), so now the comments promoting the fake screencap stay up and nobody can correct them. Prior to the recent smear campaign the most attention the fake tweet got was being flashed in the background by comedy Youtube channel TheBestGamers in RockCock64's Minecraft review, but of course people mostly weren't stupid enough to think it was real."


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Thanks for getting this out there. Reddit is a big brainwash now.

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Holy cow... I still remember sending 10$ to notch for the java run time and knowing back then this would be a hit.

I didnt realize it would be a fucoing revolution in gaming that made a bunch of tween gamers into fucking whiny sensitive faggots that enjoy telling on a teammate who called them what they are. A faggot.

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This article is cancer.

That being said, kudo's to Variety for having a functional comment section and legitimate debate about the topic at hand. This is becoming less and less common it seems.

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He should run his own convention and exclude feminists and SJW communists.

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Notch probably wouldn’t want to party with those favors anyway.

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