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This is a good idea. They could use the open source Mozilla code as their base, and build Dissenter right into the browser.

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Would be more ideal to fork Waterfox.

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They should name it "Fuck You" browser.

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Hilarious. Yes please. Use their tools against them, the self-righteous fucks.

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Self-righteous is generous. They're censoring free speech.

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Hasn’t Gab done the same thing? Don’t they own Dissenter?

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A browser isn't some side project you can just spin up in a weekend, best case scenario they could patch the add-on handling code to allow the plugin to work and keep it up to date with upstream, still shitloads of work.

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Not even needed. They are just banned from the extension/addon stores for the browsers. You can still download and install them manually. This is just more attention seeking.


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This is accurate. "Dissenter banned by Mozilla and Chrome" is half-truth sensationalism.

The official Dissenter extension was removed from:

It is not banned from browsers, just delisted from these indexes. Not only can one download it from your link, but any can access Dissenter comments from the Dissenter site:


A search for "Dissenter" on both links lists "Comment Aggregator" by Marcel Ganczak, which adds Dissenter comments to pages, so a knockoff is still available and listed on there.

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I did that and chrome bitches every time I start it up.

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You would be shocked to know how small the teams are that maintain and develop the core tech on most large scale projects. A small team forking a browser is very doable.

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Start shitting then! Are we using shovels?

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There are forks of Firefox maintained by just a handful of people. One, Palemoon I think, is maintained by one person. Something like that, I remember a few threads on /g/ discussing it but it was a while ago.

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Palemoon has at least 2 people working on it if you look at their github repo, they also have a legal entity, patreon, support forum etc, definitely not a one man job.

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I am annoyed that to use this attachment you need to register with your email. Without anonymity there's no freedom of speech.

This whole thing might be a trap.

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Just use a burner email using mail2tor or something

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Just wait until we create a brand new, non-shitty internet.

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That would basically be the Holocaust of the 21st century.

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White men made one in TOR but (((they))) flooded it with Child Porn.

[–] jwm5514 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

I would say only around half of it is (((them))), the other half of tor is overrun with cia niggers

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"free speech" was never about any such thing. it was always a leftist trojan horse, meant to help them circumvent anti-blasphemy laws so they could freely speak about their degenerate horseshit. if you ever had any doubts that this is true, look how vehemently they now turn on the only free-speech centric platforms on the internet: voat, the chans, gab, dissenter, etc

it was never, ever about free speech. it was always about spreading anti-christian, degenerate filth and growing their ranks. and now that they have a sizable share, theyre doing everything they can to squelch free speech

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Their rights are their tools.

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That's right.

Freedom isn't free.

It costs folks like you and me.


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They should just use existing browsers that won't do this. Make a deal with Brave and Waterfox and maybe a couple others. (Hell Brave is likely to build it directly into the browser.) It makes no sense to spin wheels and get into the browser business.

And don't the leftists realize how bad it makes them look when they ban this? After all only other Dissenter/Gab users can see the comments in the first place. So it just makes them look like ultra-commies, might as well be China.

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And don't the leftists realize how bad it makes them look when they ban this?

I don't think they care anymore. They are flat-out determined to suppress and censor our free speech, and they don't care how we feel about it.

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Brave is BS... They should donate 100K to Waterfox! Or give 50K to Waterfox and 50K to Vivaldi on the premise that they get a code review for privacy and take their tracking out. Vivaldi has potential if they'd stand up for proper privacy practices.

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Communists called the Berlin wall “the Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart“, my point is that historically speaking they don’t care about free speech at all. They are the enemy of it.

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99.9% of the internet has no idea what this even is.

Righties fail at marketing and promotion.

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Righties wrongly assume people are reasonable.

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Just use Waterfox, guys and stop freaking out.

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