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https://archive.ph/aQIYm :

2019-04-15 | Brit Watchkeeper drone fell in the sea because blocked sensor made algorithms flip out • The Register

'A British Army Watchkeeper drone stalled itself and crashed into the sea on a bad weather flight test, military investigators have said – though most of the wreckage was never found. ', "They criticised the craft's maker, Thales, for not fully understanding how its algorithms responded to loss of accurate sensor data."

'The drone was being flown from West Wales Airport, formerly known as Aberporth Airfield, by 47 Regiment Royal Artillery. '

'The unmanned aircraft, tail number WK042, fell from the sky in February 2017 while trialling a new ice detection system. '

'During flight, its onboard logic decides precisely how the drone arrives at those waypoints, within constraints selected by human operators. '

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This type of quality software freak's me out when you know that they want self-driving trucks on the road.

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/me STABS ROZNAK'S EYES. Walk in a strait line bitch.

You think human pilots are immune to fuckups when their craft/own body has a loss of sensory input or the known disorientation effects pilots get trained for (and can still die from due to many compounding factors), then I have a bridge to sell you.

Navigating open ocean is a fucking nightmare when you can't tell where you are. Then add shit that makes it so you have no horizon reference.

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