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Innovative new ways to steal our data!

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"specifically optimized for thin and light notebooks."

Code phrase for "We're going to put shittier hardware everywhere else and this shit so you don't notice until after the return period has expired." You know that's what's going to happen because that's exactly what they did with SSD drives. Suddenly they could ramp down hardware specs because they could get away from those shitty 5400 rpm hard drives which required higher end hardware to make up for how slow that shit is. And <boom> suddenly you have more laptops in walmart and best buy and they're cheap pieces of shit that die after something like 2 years because all the rest of the hardware can't even handle a single OS update.

That's where we're at which this kind of shit hardware tech.

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I have a laptop that was made May, 2010. It still works just fine, dual-boot linux/win7. Primarily use it for at-school homework/projects but it still plays most games. It is heavy as fuck however, and I generally just leave it at home.

Looking into some of the newer, and hopefully lighter, laptops and I am not impressed. I look for certain things, like a dedicated video card, a certain amount of ram, cpu speeds, etc. And of course they are all stuffed with that trojan horse of win10 and a slew of other malware.

So I just keep my money and wait until the old laptop simply can't go on anymore.