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They knew what they were buying. Zuck is one of the most evil men in modern times. But not giving up control of his company is not among his sins. Stealing the idea and calling it "his company" is of course, but that too is another story.

Still, the preponderance of the blame falls on the degenerate fools that had rather post pictures of their lunch to people they don't even know that snap out of their virtue signaling induced coma and realize he is actively working to overthrow every government in the free world.

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Just update his firmware. I'm sure that's cheaper.

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Everything about that person is fake. He was created as the face for the latest CIA mass control tool, and his background story was sold by the media. But like always the CIA made a crucial mistake...he's too young for the horrors behind the scenes. He physically and mentally degraded severely after seeing the consequences of his actions, and is now slowly moved out of the spotlight, to avoid a public breakdown.

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Poor poor, Mark Zuckerberg.... boohoo.

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This kike and Bezos are the heirs to the Soros legacy.

They are three of the most dangerous men in the world.

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With a massive buyout no doubt.

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If he does get fired (which would be nearly impossible to do), what will happen to facebook? What about his minions that are still there, the contracts that are in place?

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Odd, shareholders are usually only interested in returns, and Faecesbook isn't doing all that bad, it's generally rising.

Makes me think Zuck has outlived his usefulness in some way.

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