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There's literally no way to know who, if anyone, is telling the truth. DEA, LastPass, could all be lying. I have exactly zero trust of third parties when it comes to security because all they have to lose is your data.

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https://archive.ph/fRw22 :

2019-04-10 | What Happened When The DEA Demanded Passwords From LastPass

"A LogMeIn spokesperson explained: “User passwords stored on LogMeIn's servers are only done so in an encrypted format."

'The DEA was seeking information related to a LastPass customer, Stephan Caamano, suspected of dealing drugs via the dark Web and Reddit, according to a search warrant detailing the request. '

'Passwords were not handed over, but LastPass did return IP addresses used by the suspect, alongside information about when Caamano’s LastPass account was created and when it was last used. ', "It could also reveal what apps a customer is storing passwords for in LastPass, but LogMeIn noted it doesn't track users’ Web history."

'Despite its demand, the government could never have expected passwords from LastPass. '

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