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Ecuador destroyed its own credibility, no matter the kind of stupid lies they are trying to make up now to pathetically try to justify what they have done.

They gave in Assange in exchange for a bribe, that's it, they are just fucking corrupt tools of the US, they literally ate their own words and promises and by doing so they showed to the whole world that their word is worthless and that they will betray and stab you in the back if your enemy gives them enough shiny stones to corrupt their stupid politicians.

If i were an ecuadorian i'd feel ashamed of my own country.

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Ecuador = stupid Mexicans, basically

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I didn't know they were this retarded. How do you unironically accuse someone of 1960s CIA level espionage tactics.

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But the cat is wearing a rainbow flag tie, so it's clearly a white supremacist.

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Worst hatchet job in history. Show a sink with two plates and three coffee cups and then assert Assange was booted for "dirty protest".

Just terrible.

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any excuse is still an excuse

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i want to thank ecuador for clearing this up- now we know how wikileaks has procured all those leaks. it was fucking cats the whole time!

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Clown World.

Rainbow Cat

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Ceiling cat. He sits there quietly and watches you masturbate. Really scary. He’ll totally meow your secret to everyone.

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