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Imagine that, if you carry a tracking device you will be tracked

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Normie be like: "But, if you don't do anything wrong then you don't have anything to worry about...."

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I haven't heard anyone say that unsarcastically in years. Then again, i don't associate with leftists if i don't have to. Even the NPCs seem to have realized what ridiculous a statement that is.

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Sheeit. That is crazy!

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Only because it's only been able to store location data for ten years (hello Smart Phone proliferation). 20 years soon enough. Then 30...

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Yep. Smartphones have become ubiquitous. It's scary to imagine that the newest generation to have come of age will never know a time where they didn't have a smartphone in their hand.

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If Corporations are beholden to the gov't by virtue of forced legislation then corporations are not people they are an extension of the gov't. People are people, corporations are gov't.

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It's so hard to get people to understand this concept. They fight tooth and nail to deny that corporations are just the government now. Just a new branch basically.

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The big corporations are so heavily regulated that they are completely beholden to whatever the government wants, even if it’s likely unconstitutional.

If they want to keep playing by the rules and raking in piles of money they are boxed in by their choices so the government can essentially regulate the path that they can take. Its like the mafia is secretly running these corporations, but no, its big daddy government.

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The 1950s concept of corporations were just gov't organizations. Slavery via indentured servitude was outlawed then and somehow okay now.

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Corporations are gov't.

Hey kids, that's called Fascism!!!

Can you say Fascism?


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The Democratic Party is preaching Fascism from the 1920s. How the US is working right now is as just. We are closer to fascism to liberty.

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I wonder how far it goes?
I don’t know anyone who has had the same phone for ten years, but I also know plenty of people that don’t make Google accounts - so, would it even be possible for it to pick up your trail after you’ve switched to a different physical device without ever having logged in to a Google account?

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Yes. Easily. They have os level control, they have so many ways to match it to a person they'd have to be stupid to not figure it out.

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That is why everybody is collecting "metadata", with enough of it it does not matter if you "log in"

The big corp can match you GPS trail to you using whatever you did on your phone

Eg: You did connect to your email account -> we got you, we know who you are in any case

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Of course they track from phone to phone, especially if you use the same gmail account. Your movements, assuming you visit the same places often, could be used to identify you.

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If you swap your home, work place and phone all at the same time, then possibly (though even wiith this data handicap, I can still imagine several methods to reliably match). Otherwise it would be very simple to match the pre and post device and you should assume that google is doing this.

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Protip: Dont take your phone to a crime.

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Article says an innocent man was jailed for a week last year simply because his location data suggested he was near the crime. So it's not that simple.

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Didn't the one guy / video on here show they collected 2 GB on him?

Avoid Google at all costs, especially when you plan on killing.

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Well, I haven't committed any crimes so my location data can't be used against me... right?

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Of course....just like DNA data...it could never be used to fit someone up

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Wait until speeding tickets are issued based on geolocation data.

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Flip phone ftw

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Then the ISP alone has your location data. It's still captured. Every digital phone, even dumb ones, has GPS built in.

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I recently bought a flip phone and most modern ones come with wifi/gps/etc. now.

The whole reason cameras/gps/etc. is pushed onto these devices is not for demand, but by the government, most likely.

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Land line only ftw. Get yourself a garmin navigation for maps.

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land line for the lose, at&t charged too much, using a cheap cell phone effectively as a land line by leaving it at the house, FTW.

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