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Yeap, what companies like Google and Facebook do is essentially mass surveillance. It's at a level never before seen in human history

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Reminder that during the London riots in the 00s, the nigs and muds used their blackberries to coordinate their attacks and looting sprees. But it was only their facebook posts of them posing with their loot that got them busted.

Maybe whitey should adopt this system so they can talk among themselves unmolested.

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I was just talking about Google and how BlackBerry used to be with someone recently. The other person insisted, kept insisting that Google does evil things for money and marketing, AND NO OTHER REASON! sigh

Another person present at the time was with me in an electronics store and there was an Alexa display. He wouldn't listen to me about Alexa but his wife said I was right.

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You should have impregnated her with your Chad genes bro! We need more woke whites!

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Not an option. Just frustrating how you can't talk to anybody. Oh you meant the wife... Not an option!

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Revulsion and disgust doesn't cut it, eh?

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He may just be salty that blackberry failed/s

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  1. they still sell a million phones a year

  2. they have moved into the security and car electronics market and are dong well

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" ' We are cascading toward a surveillance state,' [Ballsillie] said, ..."

We're already there.

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I do not use any of their products. FAANG+M can fuck off, they will never get a single cent out of me again. I want them to crash and burn. Decentralization be upon us.

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Im not really afraid of a god damned thing except being dead, cause then I wont any effect on what happens here any more. for I am the wind

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