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Note: file.wikileaks.org is not a release, insurance dump, or response to Assange’s arrest. It is the page where published documents are available for bulk download so that people can create mirrors, access publications offline, or use the raw data. It has existed for years.

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Interesting, wondering if not much is being done with all this info.

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Alot of it is just garbage.

Links without context isn't a help to anyone.

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It's always worth digging through. We'll see some interesting articles after this.

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From the article: "Correction: Our mistake, WikiLeaks has not released new files yet, these are old. Apologies."

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Fake news, this is old shit.

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Post a source or it is all speculation.

Most of what I see in the link is just uninteresting bullshit. No one gives a shit about hand receipts for property book owners in Afghanistan or Iraq. That shit isn't top secret.

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There,s a ton of Clinton E-mails in that dump.

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