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The data is immediately being vacuumed into massive databases the NSA has. And I mean massive. Orders of magnitude greater than all of Google and the Alphabet company. Everything on the Internet is there. It is the Control Grid of Humanity.

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You realize the Internet is like 15 Zettabytes right? That's 1 billion of the highest capacity HDDs in existence. I just did the calculations and with the densest modern HDD technology, you're still looking at 10 cubic miles of hard drives. That's about the area of manhattan*100ft. Think of all the buildings in manhattan. They don't even come close to what's needed to store that number of hard drives.

I don't think the NSA has massive databases with everything on the Internet. It's more likely that they only have databases for internal and classified data but still have access to everything through contracts, hacking expertise, and the backdoors that exist in every computer apparently.

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They probably have some insanely efficient data deduplication algorithm. That 15 Zb gets cut WAY down when you're only storing 1 of every identical picture instead of all of them.

Now that I think about it, some one should look into makers of hard drives and SANs to see if they partnered with the NSA or brokered some big gov contract. Might shed some light on the tech they're using. It can't be that much different that what's available commercially.

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Quantum storage

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They don't store videos and they used tape drives, not HDDs.

The NSA is interested in parsing text to speech.

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You're working based on the current publicly available technological limitations of storage capacity.

Besides, they have A.I. running searches and cross referencing that with a human psychological playbook to assess threats, collect information and predict future actions.

Besides, on top of that, they don't need to analyze 15 Zettabytes, they only need to analyze a fraction of that. A.I. can throw away a lot of "white noise" and focus in on more important data.

It would not shock me in the slightest if they currently have the ability to pull up a dossier on each and every one of us that contains almost all our data (photos, texts, emails, internet posts, audio files, videos, downloads, etc.), at the click of a few buttons.

We live in a very scary time in the history of mankind, and to a greater extent, a scary and pivotal time in the development of ANY advanced sentient species.

We're living in humanity's era of "The Great Filters". So many things can currently end all humans on Earth and also all life on Earth.

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Google IS the NSA =)

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Because...NSA created Google?

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It's every single thing about every single person on the planet . . .

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Poison your data!!! Operate a false social profile, or two, and if you have one of your actual self, change all the data, don't just delete.

If they are collecting your data, and you ultimately can't stop it, we don't have to make it easy for them. This is also why I like the concept of AdNauseam, uBlock Origin based ad blocking plugin for your browser that not only hides all the ads but clicks them all too. That way trackers will think I like everything, and websites I visit will get ad revenue support.

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Total Information Awareness

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That's doubtful , why aren't they outperforming the Chinese government then? And why aren't Chinese spies and thieves discovered that are stealing American IP? and why wasn't this happening right when Snowden leaked the documents or even before that? The Chinese have been stealing intellectual property for decades. Probably before you got your smartphone and discovered what the Internet was

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While it is concerning that google has made shit publicly available the fact that they have the shit he showed isn't overly concerning considering the products of theirs he was using. Saying OK Google for instance triggers the phone to record audio and send it to their servers so voice recognition software can give you the answers you seek. It would be nice for them to delete such things immediately but google is an advertising company that prides itself on targeted advertising so it should hardly come as a surprise that they keep everything to build a profile on you. Same goes for all the pictures and videos when you use a google service to share them. They keep absolutely everything and will merely mark them as deleted=true so you shadow ban yourself from your own data as it's literally their business model to do so. Facebook and all the other tech giants do the same as well. This shouldn't be a surprise in 2019.

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They keep absolutely everything and will merely mark them as deleted=true so you shadow ban yourself from your own data as it's literally their business model to do so. Facebook and all the other tech giants do the same as well. This shouldn't be a surprise in 2019.

They didn't tell us they were using our data to sell at a profit. If they did, then I would ask- how much is my cut of the profits?

Their user agreements state "sharing" data. They don't tell us about "selling our data for profit." I want my cut of the money they have made from my data, that they didn't tell me about. They stole from me, to line their bank accounts, and cut me out of the profits. AND they mishandled my personal info! I'm pissed!

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Dear user, I understand your concerned about your cut of our profit. I can help you. Your share is the value you get when you use our service. We take your privacy very seriously. We never sell your information with 3rd parties. We share your information only with trusted google partners like the FBI, CIA, NSA, AIPAC, ADL.

Thank you,

Sundar Pichai

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You agreed to this.

Your "cut" is the use of the services they use to farm you.

If you don't like it, don't feed the machine.

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Interestingly, this would be a clear violation of the EU GDPR so if you could prove that this was, in fact, happening, Google would be looking at a decade long case and a serious fine.

The EU annoyance of the constant "leaks" of personal data by US data processors was what prompted the GDPR in the first place.

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Not a Google supporter, but, your cut is the services you use of theirs, not money. They stole nothing, you gave it to them.

Stop giving it to them.

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Someone in the comments mentioned that this guy made the discovery (or was the first to make a video about it).


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Not quite the same. But both things are bad.

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I've personally known about this for a while. This is also the case with google photos

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Yeah, that guy points out the location of the opt-out buttons, but this guy actually shows your data is publicly accessible without a password. I could take that link and give it to anyone in the world, and in theory, they could download it without confirming that they should have access to it. Google has fucked up here, and it's all in an attempt to give you easy access to your data, but at the cost of actual security and privacy.

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C'mon, buddy. We all know that it's not to give you easy access to your data.

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Not overly concerned with the "public" links as they seem to be near impossible to guess/calculate (at least I hope they are..). Would probably be easier to brute-force your password. I'm more interested in the amount of third party data they store (eBay, Amazon etc) and what they are doing with it. That's pretty creepy.

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Bingo. The links seems to basically have a password/key encoded into them. If this guy wants to call that public, then every Bitcoin is public and spendable by anyone.

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Once one person finds the link, it gets posted on haxxor forums and is available to all . . .

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And once one person finds your password, the same is true. And as I said, your password is much easier to brute-force. Someone in the YouTube comments did the math; 5,66621987569761598e+50 centuries to brute-force a single URL.

The one caveat is data leaks; in which case you're right - passwords are (hopefully) stored hashed, while I doubt the URLs are.

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You are looking at an attack like this the wrong way. You would create a mass URL prober, download as much as you can, and then look through for something interesting. I guarantee if you managed to pull 1,000 random images, you'd find things like pictures of driver's licenses, bank statements, etc.

IIRC something like this happened with imgur. People could access unlisted images by typing in random URLs. So, people just kept probing random URLs until they found something interesting, like nudes.

The proper way to exploit this, which I am not advocating, is to just randomly probe random URLs that match the appropriate patterns until you find valuable information. This isn't a "I'm going to get Futt's private pictures on Google" kind of an attack, it's a "I'm going to go diving and see what people made the mistake of trusting Google with".

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The space is astronomically larger. Something like imgur wants short URLs, so they pack things closely. But Google Photos can use really long hashes so that the hit rate is probably 1 in trillions. Good luck probing even a single image with those odds.

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Isn't Security by Obscurity considered a failed security model?

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That's why it's not Security by Obscurity. It's security with nonced hashes in order to generate the links. You cannot get access to these things just by randomly sifting through URLs. The same way people can't just take your bitcoin because they know your wallet address. You can easily make things publicly accessible, without making them publicly browseable.

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I am not surprised it's so easily accessible. The big tech companies have never cared about security.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=hLjht9uJWgw :

Downloading My Private Google Data, this is what I found - YouTube

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Don't use Google and use a good VPN.

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