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mozilla are niggers

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You should be using Waterfox, anyway.

It's a fork of Mozilla developed specifically to circumvent the privacy, censorship, and control issues Mozilla has developed as it's begun it's downward spiral into becoming just another cash-grabbing data-selling cunt sell-out.

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does waterfox support legacy addons?

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Waterfox has problems with slowing down and is occasionally buggy, and it eats up ram like a motherfucker. I use ungoogled chromium instead. Installing addons isn't convenient, but once you have it set up it's smooth sailing.

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i use brave browser

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I've been using Waterfox for close to two years now.

As one goat pointed-out, it's a little buggy, but it's getting better with each release... I like the new logo.

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I've never found a viable argument against this ranking: https://spyware.neocities.org/articles/browsers.html

I currently mostly just use Pale Moon. It's simply superior to its competition in customizability and performance; and it is the ONLY graphical browser I'm aware of that is developed independent of Google and/or Mozilla.

It's ok to be pale

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Wondering if you could help? I've gone for Palemoon, but in the configuration guide, it recommends to edit the 'about:config' file. Any idea where I find this file?

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This is my absolute favorite thing about this website. I’ve been here for years. And I will come up with several paragraphs, or three or four sentences explaining the nuances and multiple angles of my opinion. And somebody like this goat Sums it up in like five words. Bravo!

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my philosophy is a combination of "brevity is the soul of wit," occam's razor, and unrelenting racism.

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Mozilla has been fucked for a while. Project MITI to suppress or discredit news, which is going to rely on fullfact.org , which is partially backed (particularly the automated components) by Soro's opensociety foundation.


credible? https://archive.fo/1zDbT



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Mozilla funds antifa. In 2017 they donated $100k to RiseUp.net which is a communications provider/technical consultant group for antifa branches across the country.


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Firefox's primary source of income has been Google. Google had been slowly murdering it for many years now to force people to chrome-spyware.

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Wouldn't surprise me.

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It's a damn shame too, because some excellent tech has been coming out of their dev shop. Firefox is one, but they're also spearheading development of the Rust programming language. Rust is a real step forward in the systems programming space, and it's a joy to program in. At the very least IMO it's a step up from the drudge of the traditional footbullet systems programming languages - C/++.

That's silicon valley though. They're liberal retards who also make some excellent software.

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The SJWs aren’t the ones making the software.

The software was already made/being developed, and the SJWs inserted themselves into the community as management and leaders; people with influence. Then, they publicly crucify weak and unsuspecting targets to make an example for those who would dare stand up to their narrative. They keep hiring SJWs and no one else until you have Mozilla.

Also C > Rust

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Sadly, Rust has long since been hijcked by Antifa / Communist / Socialist SJWs. This is not an exaggeration. Go onto their IRC offtopic room and just ask: they openly identify a such.

The core creators of the language don’t really have the spotlight, or the power, any more. Rust was a beautiful language, and still is to a degree, but I fear it’s going downhill. Even now, they’re prioritizing feature enhancements over critical bug fixes like bugs to the borrow checker that have been creeping into the compiler (defeating the whole purpose). You know, they can’t have too much of that “toxic white male perfectionism”, after all!

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Leave it to the commies to create an authoritarian language. Rust core devs are niggers too but the lang is pretty nice.

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don't link directly to that cancer, it gives them more credence on the internet, use archive

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*Social networking site Facebook said it has acquired Parakey Inc., a start-up run by the founders of the Firefox Web browser project.

Parakey's co-founders, Blake Ross and Joe Hewitt, co-creators of the Firefox project,

will join Facebook to work on the development of its technology.*

It’s all messed up...

Source: http://archive.is/K2fDX


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Aren't the words "nigger" and "faggot" banned on """"Dissenter"""" anyway? In other words, you're allowed to "dissent," but only if you use our (((approved))) language

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The main words banned are "kike" and jew naming gets shadow banned.

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False. I name the jew, use kike, nigger, faggot and more constantly. Not banned. Not shadowbanned.

Use the website, not the extension.

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jew naming gets shadow banned

Even without using slurs? Source?

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So dissent for anyone they agree with. Well fuck that shit, extension is disabled for now.

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Lol, you’re such a rebel if you dissent correctly and according to the rules!

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“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum....”
---Noam Chomsky

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I think it was only on the app store version or something. I have a rusty memory though and I never cared to try it myself.

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Face facts. Dissenter is likely a honeypot. Is there a good explanation why it would have no integrity in how the extension was advertised and it did not warn users that their privacy would be compromised? https://github.com/gab-ai-inc/gab-dissenter-extension/issues/51

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No, it's not anonymous, and it's tied to your gab account. Gab can also see what dissents you view on what web pages. It reportedly doesn't check your full web activity; you have to click the button to view/add your dissent for them to be able to sniff that. EDIT: See below. Note also that this is also true of any reading/comments you make on any current forum software I'm aware of. (If you know of any fully anonymized ones please let me know.)

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I guess I need to be more clear. They changed their policy from what their FAQ stated. Originally, they tried to ease privacy concerns by stating in their FAQ that the extension would only send a URL if a user clicked on the extension button. They created a "fun" feature that showed a user how many comments were present for a URL before a user clicked the extension button. This means that the extension is actively collecting every page a user visits. They didn't notify theirs users nor update their FAQ.

You may have misunderstood what I am pointing out (and what is detailed in the link), but you are acting as if this was a routine, incidental, or maybe even a technically necessary change to the extension. It's not. Alarms bells should be going off since this company isn't acting in a transparent way.

It's all the more disheartening because one might be inclined to think that Gab / Dissenter was created to cater to users interested in free speech or privacy. It's not doing a good job of actually serving those users on either front. It came out with a banned word list within a week of release. That shows a lack of foresight and commitment but maybe it's understandable. However, there are additional (unverified) claims by some users that even if you go to the website directly, censorship (of non-illegal content) is still happening. The company claimed the banned word list would only be in effect when viewing posts from the extension. Even if these claims go unverified, many users should have enough reason to stay away from a company with questionable motives.

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Manual installation of a Firefox extension does not require you to reactivate it every time you open Firefox... who the fuck invented that lie? (I recommend waterfox, for the moment)

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iridium / palemoon.

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palemoons developer went out of its way to block ad nauseum

in possibly related news, he may or not be a furry

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palemoon is bad

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I currently require some firefox-only extensions. So if you have that on your plate, I recommend waterfox. I need to try those though.

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Manual installation of the dissenter plugin must be done in debug mode. You have to jump over some hoops to load it into the browser and then activate it each time.

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Holy Jesus. In Waterfox I just had to click on the link to the file and it just installed.

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saw that coming a mile away

edit: oh shit, i thought the mozilla version didn't have the bad word blocking like the chrome version, but according to the article it already did and still got banned. that's double fucked.

Anyone know how many installs they had?

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Dissenter shadowbans facts about the kikes and race.

Trusting anything connected with (((gabai))) is a foolish mistake.

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true, however waiting for a perfect solution is kinda futile

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Idea: How about a Voat extension that works like Dissenter?

We could have a sub that is entierly made for that extension. When you are on any webpage, you have a button "open Voat comments" which then submits a link to the Voat extension sub. After initiating the comments, it loads them on the bottom or side of the page, if the link already exists. I guess the "glue" between the sub and extension would be a challenge and would require some kind of bot/server...

It would be fun to get banned from Moz/Chrome. When it happens, we just host the extension in its sub.

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False. It does not.

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Meaningless anyway, Firefox is a dead browser walking.

Dissenter will face lawsuits soon anyways.

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Dissenter will face lawsuits

What will be the basis of these lawsuits?

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