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One could argue they would be doing you a favor to have you find out. At least you wouldn't be wasting more of your life if that were the situation.


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At least you wouldn't be wasting more of your life

That's what I'm trying to get at here. People commit suicide and homicide for world shattering things like this.


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And then the site owners can be held accountable for accessory.

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No one would force you to pull up the list and CTRL+F your wife's name. You could keep living as a cuck as long as you want to.


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Exactly, then that dudes wife will keep cheating through other means. AshleyMadison is just a means, if it gets taken down it doesn't mean people will stop cheating. The real benefit is releasing the names. The only issue is if the hackers are a credible source, as they could easily lie about the names. Seeing as they're hackers, they're probably not credible.


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That's a ridiculous stance; just because there is extramarital affairs doesn't mean they are wasting their time. Some affairs being exposed actually lead to a healthy more open relationship. I had a friend who, after finding out his wife cheated on him, had an honest talk with her and ended up including others in their sex life. They are still married now, 2 kids and 8 years later.