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D-? We gotta pump those numbers up. Those are rookie numbers.

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Gab and Bitchute are supposedly worse than us.. shameful.

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Typical Jew tricks employed in this infograph:

For the normies:

  • Include VK in the "big five" even though hardly anyone in the West uses it, as it is a native Russian site. Proceed to give it the lowest score because of MUH RUSSIA.

  • Present Reddit/Discus as "alt-tech", give them the highest scores, so people interested in alt-tech will think Reddit/Discus are the best choices. Typical jew trick - present their controlled operation as one of the options, and speak glowingly about it.

  • Since Gab & BitChute have a wider reach and better funding, say they are "worse" than Voat because they're better at disseminating "wrong-think" than Voat is. Since Voat is smaller in comparison, and its reach is smaller, it gets a better grade because it isn't as effective.

  • Provide no metric or methodology for which the scores are being determined other than the namesake of the presenter, Simon Wiesenthal, in this case; let the arguments ride on name/reputation only, as there truly is no formula other than how much it makes Simon Wiesenthal center employees kvetch.

For edgy teenage dodecahedrons/shitlords:

  • Rebellious people will tend to gravitate to the thing that overly unctuous moralists rail against, and by giving Jew ops like Gab and potentially-Jew ops like BitChute the worst scores, you can rope in more dodecahedrons than a D&D convention. As said here before: can't have them coming to Voat to be redpilled on the JQ.

Now I could be wrong and Simon could have a very deep methodology that is counter-intuitive at first sight (another Jewish trick is claiming that all counter-intuitive presumptions/conclusions == truth), that would rank Gab & BitChute as somehow WORSE than Voat - a site that is openly anti-semitic and proud of it just like /pol/ - but if I had to put money on it, Voat gets the better score because it is small and has a smaller reach than Gab/BitChute, thus Voat doesn't disseminate as well as they do.

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In other words, the worse the grade, the more reputable and the less propaganda.

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Like, what the fuck do they want from us? I'm almost in a state of post-coital exhaustion from all the purely concentrated and distilled vitriol that I could possibly muster, at anyone who deserve it: and we get a D? I would have been banned 1488gorrillion times over on Gab, and WE GET A D? FUCK THIS SHIT. LOAD THE MEME CANNONS.

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They want the goyim to go to honeypot gab instead.

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They must’ve sampled the front page on a day when “Q” dropped something and the front page was flooded with Qoomer posts

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I like how I’ve never heard of Qoomer but I still instantly understand

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They know many will flock to the worst one. Notice the Jew owned gab has a just-lower-enough grade than us to tempt the youngins trying to be edgy. Can't have them coming here and learning truth now can we?

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I've witnessed enough jew tricks to know that this is most-likely the correct answer.

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You really can’t have that. They must eat margarine, drink aspartame, and stay on Facebook.

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F)ree speech

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This needs to be the top comment.

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I'm offended that those faggots didn't give voat the F we deserve.

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F for Fun. Way more fun than Redd*t.

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God damnit d minus and Gab got an f? Back to the mines you fucking slackers. Throw some more jews on the fire and get to work.

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It's jew trick, they want edgelords to go to gab because 'it's more toxic' and not get redpilled.

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We deserve an F. Also, where are the chans?

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They don't want people to be drawn to the chans.

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They break the meter so they were left out?

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How can voat be D while Gabbai is F?

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Because all of the "dangerous" e-celebs post there while their twitter accounts are suspended. Then they pump and dump it.

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lol. its probably because the crypto-jew faux-righty celebs there can actually have a platform to mislead their followers, whereas here its legitimately hard to create some celebrity cult following because there's less centralization towards that kind of content. If you tried to be an e-celeb on voat, it'd be a verbal shanking every single thread from people calling them out.

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The fuck?

We should be Z on their list.

Z for Zyklon.

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What the fuck is VK . Com?

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I think it’s like a Russian version of Facebook

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Had to look it up, too. Apparently it's not really popular in North America.

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I don't know why it would be, the only people I know who use it here in the U.S besides me are also Russian speakers or Armenians. We use it because fuck facebook. Though they do have an english system built in so I guess an English speaker could use it no problem.

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type that in your address bar and find out

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Seems like the kind of place I don't want to give traffic

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