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Thanks for this post. I will add it to my running list on the ((( SPLC ))) !!!

The SPLC's Heidi Beirich specifically advocates and approves of "Whites A Minority By 2050" again in the following.

Europe's Overseer of White Genocide Via ((( Multiculturalism ))) also cites this 2050 date repeatedly here...

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All of them are Jewish owned and/or controlled.

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Splc just went after owen benjamins mom because they cant go after him because he is basicaly living off grid making money with out a way to legaly stop him.. think about the implications they can attack family members job over what someone else sayz! Thats insanity.

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The War on the west and Whites is an all out attack by the Jewish, Islamist, Communist Alliance.

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SPLC is a hate group