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Ok, I ran it, and just got the translation back:

"Server configuration change = Servers confiscated by lawful government agencies, replaced, and reconfigured with new back-up servers 14 hours later."

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Sure, maybe the Feds confiscated some servers and that caused an outage. I'm fairly certain Facebook isn't just biased, but corrupt, and there's more going on behind the scenes we don't know about.

But to me, a very normal explanation is that they fucked up a deploy somehow. This is normal and happens every day in every type of company. Facebook has tens of thousands of servers in multiple data centers in multiple continents that run multiple big time Apps like Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp/and probably more. Their infrastructure is very complex. I'm sure they do tests and staging environments and other things. But humans are not infallible. If even 1 character is wrong somewhere in probably millions of lines of build + deploy scripts, it can easily cause a failure. It seems reasonable that understanding what happened, coordinating between teams, and fixing the issue in 14 hours can happen.

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Maybe this is why??

FB data deals are under criminal investigation.


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It's interesting it would let me share non conservative vids but not conservative vids during this config change.

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There's a couple millions NPC's chatting somewhere saying "that sounds about right"

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I can only imagine it wasn't easy decoupling the state intelligence apparatus from the server infrastructure that the entire platform was built upon.

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Is that the server config changes where they are deleting incriminating evidence en masse, so much that they have to take the system offline?

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either way ,. the NSA had its Lobster Bib and wetnaps on ~ before ,. during ,. and after this was happening . Snowdens a bitch ,. tears will rain ,. amen

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Is a single tweet enough when millions of people's communications are affected?

Yes, it's facebook for fucks sake.

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lol you know who owns whatsapp?

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