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Because we'll have long since degenerated into a post-nuclear dystopia by then?

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Quantum computers are to this age what rocket ships and moon colonies were to the space age.

Even if we manage to figure out how to do cool shit with them, they'll fall short of today's hopes and dreams for generations. Right now, everybody's dreaming about having a super-fast quantum processor in their cell phone. In seventy years we'll probably have a handful of practical quantum based mainframes in the entire country, and we'll be continually bickering over justifying the running costs.

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https://archive.ph/FLhlZ :

2019-03-14 | If you're panicking that quantum computers will crack your crypto, don't – at least not for a decade or so. Here's why • The Register

'"So far as we know, quantum computers seem to be theoretically possible, and building them is just a matter of very hard engineering," he said. ', "Evers acknowledges that there's worldwide effort to get a handle on quantum error detection and correction."

'For that to happen, quantum computers need to become orders of magnitude better at error correction. '

'As a recent research paper puts it, "Experimental quantum error correction and fault tolerance is still in its infancy, but several impressive results have been achieved."', "IBM's Q System gated quantum computer currently tops out at 20 qubits; it's been testing 50 qubit system."

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What a load of bullshit. Feel safe goyim, here is why