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Time to get off protonmail. Sounds like the US government got to it.

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Interesting point...I didn't think of that.

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Thunderbird local email client and Enigmail Thunderbird PGP add on.

tutanota VFemail

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tutanota seems cool

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You still need a mailbox and a mailserver in that scenario

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Quite the opposite, methinks. Russia is blockng what it can't surveil.

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Perhaps, but I still remember Protonmail deplatforming people based on street flyers, so fuck them.

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Protonmail, NordVPN and its cousin, ProtonVPN, all sign their privacy keys through the Lithuanian datamining company (IT firm, but they get their money through datamining), Tesonet.

Protonmail, provider of ProtonVPN, has a CEO. His name is Darius Bereika. Darius Bereika is also the CEO of Tesonet, who runs NordVPN. Currently, these companies are being sued for their theft of datamining middleware.

They're compromised as fuck.

Oh, yeah, don't use DDG either.

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Doubtful the eu recently said that they will be using it

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Possible, but Protonmail was compromised a while ago.

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Did you even read? Russia block MX exchange - time to get off Protonmail? When they block Voat, maybe time for you to get off too?

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You arent really good at reading between the lines.

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they already block voat

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I stopped using Protonmail when the whole banning of "alt right" fiasco happened. Fuck them, just another kike project for stupid goyim.

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Alright so what's a good alternative?

The service itself is 100% perfect for me (simply just a basic email service, no extra bloatware shit), works well and is elegant.

But I don't like gambling with (((their))) services, so what's a good alternative, that is almost a clone?

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Set up a spare computer with Linux (I recommend Mint), register a domain, and learn how to set up an email server, if you want email that badly. Learn basic infosec, book up on netsec, and treat that outgoing line to the rest of the world like the drawbridge to your castle.

Trusting anyone else with your data is fucking naive.

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Maybe if fluxusp took a break from his busy schedule of flooding voat with shit news articles, he could have captioned this with the real story: Russian mail services are bouncing protonmail emails because somebody used PM to send a bomb threat and PM won't tell Russia who it was.

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Sounds like a great endorsement for ProtonMail! If the fka "KGB" doesn't want it, it probably means they can't access it... I've been on ProtonMail for a while now and I love it. I am in the process of totally de-Google'ing myself...

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I don't know if I trust Protonmail with my data but it's a hell of a step up from Google in any case.

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So, they couldn't hack into ProtonMail, so they banned it?

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Or they realized the US and EU backdoor'd it, and it's a legitimate security risk for people who think it's still secure.

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They didn't ban gmail, or ymail

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Or they couldn't track down who used it to make some bomb threats. Sounds like a solid endorsement to me, but who knows what other issues it might have.

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Why would that be true? Protonmail isn't encrypted unless it's being sent to another protonmail account.

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Can anyone explain the evidence that protonmail got fucked?

I don't use it but I figured I might eventually make the switch. Is there any well-built and trustworth alternatives?

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Big eu investment. Try tutanota

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I have both but tutanota is my favorite. So simplistic.

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Good question. I can't say if it's compromised or not, there were rumors circulating a while back. Though, to be fair, Russia doesn't block google, which the US government has DEFINITELY gotten into... so this could be more fear mongering.

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We are glad to announce that the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program, which has distributed nearly €80 billion across Europe to encourage scientific research and technological innovation, has recognized our contributions to the European economy and will be granting us €2 million to further our mission.


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That isn’t a large investment.

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Here are the problems with options.

Govt can hack anything. They have root certificates, they can get a wrench and threaten to beat someone to get records. They can talk to the service provider to get content ,they can check the logs, they can gag order the email hosting company to install back doors and logging. It's all a crapshoot. Some people suggest splitting things over multiple mail providers to make it at least harder to track you.

This two-factor authentication tying everything to a backup email address and phone doesn't help either.

People say roll your own, but that's a vector for hacking, and a lot of the big providers will auto-spam mail that doesn't come from a "trusted" source.

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ProtonMail uses end to end encryption. Thats different than just two-factor auth.

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There was this thread a while back that explained why people ought to be a bit skeptical of ProtonMail:


Note that the company denies the allegations but there appears to be hard evidence that they are lying.

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