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I think the only way to fight back at this point is to create fake data. As much as possible, wherever possible.

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As the kids say... there's an app for that. It generates spurious clicks to obfuscate your actions. Far better than trying to go under radar, better to be lost in noise.

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I think extensions and apps are the solution to everything most if not all the problems the leftists have brought to the internet. Dissenter pretty much proves that.

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I've always marveled at the duplicity of (((these guys))). The question always boils down to that of ownership of a biography: If John writes a biography of Bill, who has the right to control what John writes about Bill?

In America (and previously the western world), the only controls Bill would have are through tort law, namely slander and libel, both of which require publication and damages as a result, and both of which have a 'safe harbor' for factual information.

Because this is a two-edged sword, there were many of the boomers who very factually documented (((their))) efforts, leaving (((them))) only a single recourse: to death-by-natural-cause the writers. They can't revert the laws, as, if the biography subject owns the copyright, then we could shut down the data collection + data brokerage industry overnight.

But they are starting to float that idea, as in the EU: (nonarchive warning) EU and the 'right to be forgotten' Note the careful carving of new limits into this ruling, namely that this right only applies to once-public information.

Very interested to see what happens when this ultimately reaches its logical conclusion. My popcorn is ready.

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Good point. "Right to be forgotten" mainly helps monsters escape their own history. Is this how they will make the massive fraud branded as the holocaust (oy vey) "forgotten" (shut it down!) so that they may keep their bullshit story?

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Tell that to everyone with a "Cloud" account...

With software becoming a service instead of a product, I think it is time to go backwards!

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That's what his latest project is about, if I understand it correctly. You store data in "pods" or local blobs and any web service you access will request access to parts of this blob which you can then allow or deny.

It's a natural consequence of the website as a service rather than a document. You can access, say, a gallery website and it uses images you have stored locally for the content that it shows you, exactly what already happens when you link accounts between services. The difference is that there is no longer a need to migrate data between sites as needed because it's already locally stored; you're just shopping around for interfaces to the data.

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I have high hopes he can implement a system to take power away from Skynet. I was excited to get a gmail account back in the day when it was invite only, little did I know what jewgle would become. I have a feeling if I blocked all of google most of the net would not work right. They have become the gatekeepers and we not only need to get the keys to the gate back, we need to take down the entire fence/wall they have built.

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This thread is filled with very very young accounts so far

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Creating fake data is the best way to fight back however, you can also use VPN such as PIA to help with the data privacy too.

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Mark Zuckerberg is that you?

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That's good. It's bad that you are controlled by others.

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Similar to this, wikipedia can be downloaded, only 15gb or so.