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It is not a technological issue and it exists outside the internet . For as long as central banks print money for the chosen few (this is what QE stands for) big companies will expand and extinguish competition .

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In the real world, Pareto distributions are king. This was happening regardless.

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Exactly. Power law distributions happen in any networked system.

Its funny how most emotionals/lefties don't realize this. But then again, they are retarded.

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you forgot something:

The Death of the Internet - Intended to be open, free, and decentralized, it's now dominated by a handful of [JEWISH] companies that control what we see and what we can say

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Jews jewing.

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Not breaking up big tech will be the greatest failure of the Trump administration.

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He's not going to break up his friends. His masters won't let him.

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The greatest failure of the Trump administration is the same as with any other conservative administration, their half-assed attempt to merely not lose, while the enemy is waging an all-out war of total annihilation.

Not being able to break-up tech giants isnt specific to the Trump administration, his predecessors similarly didnt manage to break up a similarly monopoly-abusing Microsoft. Jewgle and Jewpple actually managed to wrestle down Microsoft's monopoly far more efficiently than the previous administrations did.

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Yeah, if we don't allow our Jewish government to dismantle large tech organizations, how will we able able to justify shutting down threats to the jewish world order when they arise?

The solution is never "more government".

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Germany 1933 proved you wrong so much, I can't help but laugh at your sheer incompetence.

The solution is reasonably more government under control of White men, free of Kike influence.

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ikr these retards are literally repeating what Elizabeth Warren said.

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A lot of people, including conservatives, have been arguing in favor of regulating social media companies. What if that's what they really want?


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The government wants more power? No way!

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But if we don't allow our government to control the internet, how will we able able to justify shutting down threats to the jewish world order when they arise?

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very profound, jnf

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Slowly the deep state faggots are turning the internet into what cable tv used to be.

Faggot entertainment, and in Georgy ass-Sores' own words

an Open Society is a society in which no one knows the truth and all media present an asymmetric point of view(they all lie the same lie)

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To be honest, I take a completely different view: we humans are primates, social beings, for the most part looking to perceived authorities. Those authorities used to convey their messages using radio and television and movies, and then computers and game consoles became common in people's homes. When paper and print went from being used for communication between thoughtful individuals, to being taken up as a medium for the manipulation of the masses, we didn't talk about 'the death of paper.'

Communication from self-appointed 'elites' to the masses, happens. And it happens using the given time's most effective media. Thoughtful people are always a small minority. Such is our species. We still use our voices, we still use paper, and we still use Internet. Internet is still alive, as is paper. Look at Voat, a great use of Internet. Some people even use IRC and BBS. :-) If you want to compete with 'elites', for control of the masses, the way is not to compete for control of the medium but to actually get in there and create big, active, manipulative communication that out-does that of the the traditionally dominant psychopath type humans.

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This is why it's extremely unlikely that things will get better, or that "we'll win". It would be a challenge for them to fuck up that badly.

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Our best chance was in 1945. Prove me wrong.

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Whereas it's the case that psychopaths love to manipulate people, and normal people have other interests, it's also the case that psychopaths are only 'in business' because most human beings are completely and entirely ignorant of their existence. You may have noticed, as I seem to have, that things are culturally changing now, where the psychopaths are getting really self-confident about their agenda. They will either manage to push the masses into consent, or not. If it's the latter, the massive societal destruction of the recent 50 years, and the recent times' active support of it from the psychopaths, means that we only need the figurative boy pointing out that the emperor is naked.

This is the difference between lies and truth. Lying is much more expensive. So, as I see it, we could indeed win. A place like Voat does not need to become 'the new Reddit' or whatever, but simply needs some type of rumor to exist in the normal population, about the existence of a community of people who talk amongst themselves, about the destructive policies of globalists. You could get an effect, like in the story, where the mere hint of awareness of a community of honest, thoughful people, can 'tilt' the general societal debate. It's a volatile time, right now. Many lost and disoriented people are looking for an authority of the kind found in traditional societies, and a relatively small community like Voat, has a bigger impact than you might imagine.

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Ah, yes. FIDOnet ... still alive on BBS. Fond memories in the mid to late 90s on that.

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Any good redpilled IRC channels out there?

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Probably quite a few, but unfortunately I myself don't have any good tips. Just used IRC lately for visiting Termux's help channel. Maybe someone else here has some good tips?

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But yet we have people screaming to stop regulating companies. THIS is what happens when companies aren't regulated. The internet has become, for all intents and purposes, a complete shithole where you can only say, do, and see what these corporate shitheads allow.

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When the companies are regulated by a tyrannical government, it isn’t the companies that are regulated, but the public. Bribery is rampant through lobbying.

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Suppose the govt. regulates social media. Now they need to make rules to enforce regulation. Who will write the rules? Whose interests will those rules ultimately serve?

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Fuck off with that Jewish bullshit, restricting the window of conversation. There should be no rules against the users... you know, like voat. Get your head our of your ass for one minute and pretend it's the late 90s again. That and learn how to fuckin' read.

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I say we build our own Internet.

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