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If your cooling fan doesn't run at 80+dB, you have failed.

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sadly... you need random white noise.

Since the 1950s all spy audio amplification employs "Periodic NOISE CANCELLATION".

Famous filters include not just high and low pass filters, or notch filters, but rather periodic filters.

Originally the first periodic filters were for 60Hz buzz from US fluorescent lights,

Then the next ones were for air conditioner buzz from motors in the room being bugged.

Then car engine, and plane engine.

Then in the 1980s thousands of novel noise cancellation techniques became possible to clean up audio, especially with advent of 1987 laser beam based LEGAL devices used to point at glass windows from off the property by FBI.

That is why since 1987 , all NSA buildings have random noise vibrators on outer walls, random noise vibrators on any true windows, random noise emissions to thwart mini L-Shaped metalic passive spy audio devices that might be in walls, and many RED + BLACK TEMPEST RULES

Such NSA Tempest rules include even noise generators of buzz onto AC lines that might power a fluorescent tube. Kill switches for all telephones to cut off microphones hard, and much much more.



TL/DR: NSA Tempest acoustics team laughs at your lame attempt to use a fan to obscure the voice signal.

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Good post buddy. The Soviets figured out a way to bug a typewriter but they needed to first modify it in transit. With state level sophistication the obvious way to bug would be to force a remote update on a phone and use the phone to modify near computers with inaudible tone signals, but thats really beyond me.

I personally just assume everything is bugged to begin with. If i were really paranoid id just boot an old laptop off of a cd every time. Dont even bother with a hard drive.

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Thanks. Yes, that's right - fascinating stuff. Here's an (as always, archived) article on the Soviet typewriter hack.

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You mean a laptop with a built in camera, speakers and mic.

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I actually did a dry run on this. Bought a new laptop just to practice taking it apart to remove its webcam and microphone.

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He said... "old". My old laptop has only speakers.

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The more troubling thing is every board from China is capable of having a chip embedded in the board that stores data for the Chinese

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I agree but what's worse, the Chinese or your own government spying on you?

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I'm not sure, our military hardware is compromised, we can't even make enough electronics for our military since we're dependent on them

I usually don't give a shit about the Chinese but this along with the Chinese 5g towers bring installed out of nowhere scares me. I have a feeling the cabal is using China like they're used our Intel agencies in the past

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There is a little side story about this in the Cryptonomicon, by Neal Stephenson

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my processor and cooling fan are loud as fuck. jokes on you virgin spies!

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This wouldn't affect solid state or flash memory as there are no moving parts.

Although there is research being done in storing memory at the transistor level. And let's say it's promising

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Although there is research being done in storing memory at the transistor level. And let's say it's promising

That's how flash works. Each transistor has a floating gate where electrons are injected or removed.

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