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The Samson option is not real. Think about it, if they would ever trigger that, it will guarantee that every last single one of them will be hunted down and killed. No place on earth would be safe to flee to after they done such a thing. It is also very unlikely they did 9/11. The risk of turning everyone against them and losing everything is not worth the questionable advantage of stirring up more hostility against their enemies. The muslims are already doing a fine job by themselves of making an enemy of the rest of the world.


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It's to be used in the case they feel the state of (((Israel))) is threatened. (((They))) believe goys are animals and must be dominated by (((them))), so if (((they))) think they are about to lose then everything deserves to go as well.

As (((Yaoz-Kest))) put it; "For it is the right of the Nation of Israel to finally shut the gates to the world after it leaves this place (not of its free will!), and we have the right to say, at the price of the 3,000 year old fear: 'If you force us yet again to descend from the face of the Earth to the depths of the Earth – let the Earth roll toward the Nothingness.' "


[–] ABastionOfFreeSpeech ago 

You obviously don't know the story of Samson. He committed suicide by bringing down the pillars of a temple, killing his captors as well.

The point of the Samson option is to destroy everything. They don't plan on anything getting out alive after it. They would rather burn the earth than lose.


[–] 1F4A9 ago 

You don't understand human nature if you think they'll choose complete extinction over complete destruction just out of spite. Jews aren't a special case here. In fact, they've had this choice many times in history and they chose to take their losses and flee every time.


[–] Doglegwarrior ago 

So have you looked into the uss liberty. They were at war with egypt possibly going to get crushed and their plan? The jew plan? Attack an american ship and blame it on the egyptians so we would help them fight the egyptians. It was a blatant false flag. So why the fuck didnt we get mad and fucking side with egypt and bomb the fuck out of some jews??? Why? Instead of retaliating against the rat fucks we basicaly apoligized and ended up paying them more money. You csnt make this shit up look it up your self it is tragic 40 plus use nazy sailors died.