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Voat ARPU: ~$0

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Hey, I'm pretty sure that we're at least worth a couple of bucks, I mean someone invested in this site. That or Puttitout is the greatest salesman of all times.

Imagine the sales pitch "Not only will our users call you a Faggot, but also a Nigger, but it takes a special kind of asshole to point out how much of a Kike you're being. We offer all three in one convenient package so all of your insult needs can be met in one location"

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This needs way more upvotes lol

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No ads, no merch = no revenue. No revenue = $0 ARPU.

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>implying it isn't -$6,000,000

You know they want to jew us

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So basically they take company market cap and divide it by number of users. This has got to be peak tech bubble logic: What about all the assets, liabilities, income streams, IP and competitive advantage a company has? The author is out of his mind, which is unsurprising in a CNBC article.

At first I thought maybe it's explained by social medias having more data on the users because of profiles. But based on their scheme reddit comes down to $0.30/user and twitter is highest at $9. Twitter is a fucking cesspool of people talking shit at each other and noise. The data must be shit to an advertiser. Of course, people don't buy stocks for the users (or shouldn't, I guess...), they buy it for the management and business. And the fact is that Dorsey, asshole he may be, is ten times the businessman that spez is.

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Market Cap != Revenue.

That's why it's called average revenue per user, not average market cap per user.

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They're literally all left wing bots. Real humans don't actually post shit. Skynet calls black male models, and white female models to take pics of themselves being in a loving multicultural relationship, then armies of bots upvote it, rinse, repeat ad infinitum.

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Fuck that, Metal_Kitten makes very valueble videos on the r / Petite Gone Wild forum. I think she makes a couple hundred from eah private to order video.

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Reddit is so bad the advertisers are loosing money per user.

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Valuable to the shareholders*

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The fascination you Voat morons have with Reddit is pretty funny. It suggests some false equivalency. People on Reddit, along with nearly the entire rest of world, have never even heard of Voat.

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The reddit CEO or whatever the f he's supposed to be looks like such a cunt: https://archive.is/JUHm6/51aaedf18bc8eeb76bfb35787eadc7095718049c

Twitter CEO, Facebook CEO, and others. I guess they're all just CIA plants they're so fucking douchey.

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How much soy does one ingest to look like that?

[–] Butterbread 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

A pure soylent and jism diet no doubt

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