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>hotlinking to a 4chan thread


Actual sauce > https://laptop-updates.brave.com/promo/custom-headers

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Lmao. Yeah I should've just done that. Thanks for posting the link.

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I have Brave on my phone, but not because I thought it would be more private. My cell carrier and the NSA can still see everything I do online on my phone. I have it for the built in adblocker, which has made websites actually usable again. I'm open to a superior solution though.

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Your cell carrier can't see what you do with your phone, if you're using https.

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Partially true, they cannot see the cleartext, but they can see all DNS queries (and modify them) even if you use a different DNS service because DNS is unencrypted UDP. If you use a proper VPN then they won't be able to get any of that (or if you use dnscrypt)

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People don't use https? What the fuck.

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I really like Brave, and see improvements all the time. It was kind of a pain when I had to quit firefox because they started taking that soros cash, and I really don't want to do it again.

What does injecting HTTP ad headers do? Is it a security threat? Or an annoyance?

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firefox because they started taking that soros cash

Do you have source URL about this? serious question.

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This gets asked a lot. What's a good one for desktop?

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Try Waterfox, pretty good Firefox fork without the baggage or questionable decisions.

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Anyone got an alt for mobile?

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Waterfox for Android (With extensions), or Safari on iOS (With content blockers)

There's also Lightning, it uses Android System Webview, and can block Ads

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the internet explorer of ios is the best option


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Waterfox is not available for my device. Lame.

Was using Lightning, but didn't like one of their updates. Guess I'll give it another try, but extensions would be nice.

Went to Chromium's site, but they had a bug warning. I hate dealing with bugs unless I'm being paid.

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Thanks man.

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I switched back to Chromium from Brave a few days ago, and I'm glad that I did it

In Brave my extensions were not working like they should, so I went back to a browser that works, now this just cements my idea that I made the right choice

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I keep flipping around various chromium based releases while mostly using Waterfox. Brave has been fine once I disabled their ad block and put in my own but I think I may go back to flat Chromium. Only issue is that whole changing the way ad blockers work going forward on Chromium base. That may kill all Chromium based browsers for me since the ad block creators may ignore their Chromium plugins going forward if only some niche ones like Brave work with them.

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But what does this mean for me, as someone who does not use meme browser of the week?

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