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What you call wrong data I call intentional lies with cooked data paid for by lobbyists.

You won't fix this particular problem by addressing a single symptom.

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Every nation should be building a fiber optic network that connects to every house. It's fucking insanity that this was meant to take place in America but the telco's straight up stole the money instead and in Australia they crippled the network by leaving almost everyone with fiber backbones but copper to the houses.

Just make the network a government owned not for profit wholesale provider and let the companies that rent from them compete on the services they offer. If you do that everyone will enjoy the nationwide competition from ISPs being on equal footing and the shame of seeing Asian speeds and prices will keep everything moving upwards. It's literally the only to not be left behind well into the future because if you leave it up to capitalism alone it's always going to be about putting shekels first.

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Goys dont need fast internet.

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But they absolutely need 5G for faster surve- er, internet.

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Yes, they need 5G, but the slow speeds must remain haha shaloms

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https://archive.ph/eeuGM :

2019-02-08 | The government is using wrong data to make decisions about the internet - Recode

'Microsoft is partnering with ISPs to help rural broadband access but says it’s not interested in becoming an internet service provider itself. '

'And bad data means that federal money isn’t being spent where it should be to build out broadband access. '

'Those without proper internet access are already missing vital information about the world around them. '

'In essence, the government data is measuring areas in which an internet connection could exist rather than where it is. '

'Microsoft also stands to gain money from the billions in grants and subsidies the government gives out each year to improve rural broadband. '

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