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HP is scummy as shit. Epson was just as bad last time I had one. My Brother unit has been good for the last 3-4 years I have owned it. Ink isn't too expensive for theirs compared to no-name (a few dollars here and there really) and they seem to work fine every time I need them. They also seem to have one of these types of programs, but it is an automated ordering when low and not a monthly subscription (They have their own as well as linking to Amazon Dash and Best Buy's programs).

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Linkyo brand is cheaper and better. Only fags don’t use Brother printers.

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No Linkyo available for anything other than HP/Canon/Epson unfortunately.

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One of the many factors that caused my last job to go under. Fuck HP with a bag of rusty hammers. They're one of worst companies in the world.

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They used to be one of the best companies in the world when Bill and David ran it. Once Carly Fiorina fucked it over in the 90s and Meg Whitman finished it off more recently, the company has gone to complete shit. Never let a woman be CEO of a great company unless you want it to fail.

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Yeah just look what's going on at GM.

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Spot-on correct. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard ran HP as an Engineering Corporation. They made darn near perfect Lab and Test Equipment thru the 1980's. (I still have an HP 3458A Multimeter and several other HP items in my basement lab I acquired at an Auction that runs like a champ and is my Home Lab Standard) You are correct however, that bitch airhead CF literally ran HP into the ground and MW destroyed whatever was left, two 'jewess kunts' who took an Engineering based corporation who altered it into a Service Company just to make a profit and in the process killed it's Technical base of longtime Engineers and Scientists, replacing them with Bean-counting jews who pretty much sold-off or gave away all of HP's technical and engineering expertise to China when they outsourced everything. I know two retired engineers in their 70's who are still bitter how they fucked that once great company over.

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The company was fucked before iCarly (i for incompetent) took over. She simply gave them a Cleveland Steamer, and ran away with a bag of cash.

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Any moron who actually subscribes to this deserves to be fleeced out of all their money.

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Be careful what you say. It may be illegal and antisemitic to criticize HP because they are targetted by the BDS campaign.

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we say whatever it is we want to say here GAS THE JEWS HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG

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I'm not even surprised by that level of greediness and fraudulent activity. We are talking about (((hp))) here.

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Any time any faggot goes off about the environment, ask them how many starbucks cups, throw away phones, and drm printer cartridges they waste each year.

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If you're still too stupid to buy a color laser printer then you deserve to be scammed. They cost only as much as like 2 ink cartridges for an inkjet, and the toner cartridges last thousands of pages usually.

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I used to work for HP, so I can confirm that while they do still have at least a few decent products left, that they're getting pretty seedy. That's why I USED to work for them.

Anyways, so they have DRM? Great. How do we disable that? There has to be SOME way to do that, right? I mean there's always at least one vulnerability in anything. I'm sure we could find it.

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Used to work there too. All core services were moved to DXC/HPES. HP was spun into HP Inc. EDS, CSC, Keystone, Perspecta were either created or bought as the process. No one has yet to understand what the board is smoking when they came up with these decisions, but can attest, it must have been some a really good batch

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What kind of cuck lets a company monitor what and how much you are printing in your own home?

Holy shit people are sheep.

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