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Isn’t the difference that Stone’s iCloud accout is stored on Apple’s servers, and therefore the company has access to them, while the SB shooters had encryption on the phone itself, and the Feds wanted Apple to break encryption on ALL phones just to give them access?

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They gave the feds the same level of access for the terrorist:


They said the FBI has retrieved Farook's iCloud backups up to Oct. 19, about six weeks before the attack, and an FBI affidavit suggested that Farook deliberately disabled the sync feature.

Roger Stone trusted the cloud for things he wanted to keep private.

Farook did not.

That's the difference here.

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The Feds wanted Apple to create a version of the iPhone OS with crippled security so they could install it on the San Bernardino device and crack the encryption. Apple refused because if that crippled OS was leaked then all iPhones would immediately be compromised.

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You know it would have been "leaked" within the day had they done that.

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I think so. It's been so long I can't remember, but at the time I think apple's response was "sorry we can't do that" because it meant compromising a widespread security measure completely. I could be completely wrong here, my memory of it is fuzzy. If I do recall it right, then giving access to one person's account on something isn't the same as essentially breaking down the doors of all the houses in the country because the police have trouble entering one.

It's still a completely fucked up thing to do, but it's apple, run and controlled by kikes.

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What i read previously is that the terrorist turned off cloud sync and the fbi tried to hack the phone, bricked it and then asked for Apple help

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I refuse to click on the link. But if the title is representative of the article it proves that Fake News is more nuanced that we like to believe. Or as one of my coworkers was so fond of saying:


That anyone believes this shows that they need to sit down and educate themselves about technology and law before they attempt to speak in public - or indeed even draw conclusions in their own mind.

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One is a web service. The other is a phone that apple doesn't own. They might as well require me to hack into it.

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Big difference and it's like comparing oranges to grapes

First the iCloud account is different than the device itself. On the iCloud account, you can pick and choose what it is you store to it. Basically, if you absolutely must use it, use it more as an offload for benign shit; apps you're just going to offload, maybe photos, etc. It's like an off-device swap space but it is stored on someone else's computer. That's the important thing to remember.

Secondly, law enforcement can REQUEST information from an account. The party hosting the account can grant access to that account.

The device is different. Putting it into a different box here, let's say I have a car that you built for me. I'm driving that car. If the police want to search that car, they have to obtain consent for me, state probable cause or get a warrant. They can come to you and you can say "No" and opt to not give them the spare keys. If I've unloaded anything from my trunk into your garage, though...different story.

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ha. member when they let the press into the san bernardino shooter's apartment?

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I member. What a heaping crock of shit that whole narrative was.

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Silicon Valley is part of the Leftist agenda. Not surprised.

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The "Cloud" is nothing but modern-speak for what used to be called "Offsite or Remote Storage". You are simply storing all your Info on SOMEONE ELSE'S SERVER someplace that you have no clue or idea where it is physically located or who exactly manages it. Does KNOWING THIS this give you the warm-and fuzzies? -- Anyone who uses Cloud Storage, in any form, is a fool. Someone else has it, NOT YOU, your merely 'leasing space' on their Servers, and they can do WHATEVER THEY WANT with your information, including copy it and access it at any time.

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Why you don't put all your personal life in the cloud in a nutshell.

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