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Never have, and now, never will use this "service".

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I haven't deleted my spotify account because I'm lazy and need to rebuild those exact playlists somewhere else. They sent out an email about these new terms. They explicitly tell you that the only way to reject the terms is never use your account again.

So, to be clear, they're slurping up your location, etc, storing your history and using it, making playlists for you, telling you what music is "hate music" that you can't listen to, and now they're telling you what you can and can't have on your computer.

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telling you what music is "hate music"

This right here is game over. Your service streams music, whatever music I choose and that's all I want from you. I do not want your opinion.

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Yeah the idea of classifying music as "hate music" is really terrifying. I don't care what the lyrics are and what it sounds like, the idea of suppressing someone's free speech/freedom of expression is more disturbing than either of those could ever be.

Sincerely, an Eminem fan.

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I've made an archive of some of my favorite artists what were ban hammered off spotify and jewtube.


1.4G but totally worth it.

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This is absurd.

The new Terms of Service, which go into effect on March 1st, will give Spotify the authority to terminate accounts immediately, without warning.

The new guidelines will kick off an interesting period of growth for Spotify,

Yes, nothing says growth like insta-dumping less than %2 of your free-version users.

Spotify’s last earnings report showed that the company turned a profit for the first time in its 13-year history.

lol Ad blocking is not their problem.

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Only 2% of free users have ad blocking? So 98% of free users don't.
I'd say that's a win.
I hope this bites spotify in the ass.

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I'm a free user who doesn't block ads on Spotify. Of course I block ads in browsers but never bothered to look into blocking ads on the actual spotify app. The very next thing I will do after submitting this comment is uninstall spotify. It's funny because if they had never made this move, I would probably have continued using spotify and viewing ads and it wouldn't have even crossed my mind. Of course I'm part of the infinitesimally small portion of the population with actual principles, so this will almost definitely not hurt them in the slightest. It's like all the gamers who complain about microtransactions and day-one DLC, and then go ahead and buy all of it anyway. Fucking morons. Oh well, I'm still going to continue to be part of the principled .000001%, completely ineffectual, but that's gay earth for ya.

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How would it? A free user that adblocks only costs them money, paid users don't get ads so... What's the problem?

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The new guidelines will kick off an interesting period of growth for Spotify,

The execs at Spotify are completely insane if they think they're going to have any growth with this Orwellian crapfest called a "music streaming service".

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Revenue growth, they're getting rid of people stealing from them.

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Easy way to beat the ads is just to pay for the service if you use it. If you don't want to pay and don't want ads then just pirate what you want and carry it around on your device. Simple solution.

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No. Fuck you. This is current year and I am entitled to have whatever I want, whenever I want it, by whomever I want, and however I want. Go out and do it myself??? You fucking capitalist fascist.

It's still a stupid move, on their part. Someone should bring back GrooveShark and put it on Tor, or something like that.

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I always fucking love that shit.

Steals Everything Good.

Only Stupid normies pay for stupid normie shit

People start only making normie shit

Wonders why nothing new worth a shit is being made

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being 2019

paying a jew for anything.

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Yeah, I understand those people either. I figure they're the type to use Netflix.

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I've never used spotify, but I recently visited a site that wanted me to turn off my adblocker so I did for about 2 minutes. They proceeded to show a video ad, wasting my bandwidth, so the adblocker went back on for their site.

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I've spent too many years browsing the Internet without seeing a single ad to want to change now.

One of the reasons the Kikes want to shove their ads down our throats is that they use them as a vector for their social engineering leftist propaganda.

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and to serve malware

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I did the same thing but didn't turn off my adblock.

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So let me get this right. Free accounts that are supported by ads will be shut down if you kill the ads. This is a business that needs to pay the bills. So, they are willing to shut down people that dont help them support the business. Good business plan to me.

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You can still torrent Mp3s....

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You don't even have to torrent them anymore.

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Can you recommend a good site then for music?

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Wait... What?

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Do ((they)) care about torrents anymore? What are some favorite sites for MP3 collections?

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Pirate Bay is always good. Think they are on version 3 now...

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Corporations think the modern consumer is a idiot and will pay for anything they are forced into.

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They're right.

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Explain your use of torrents to the eff bee eye.

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Ive been bootlegging mp3 since 2001. Never has been an issue.

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Stupid easy to setup. Can be network wide. People like spotify wont know since it is blocked at DNS level and not at the browser (how they know).

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