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>have to use Win10 for work

Life is suffering. I can't wait to end this line of work.

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What's the next job?

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Something much better obviously

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If only game companies would make good Linux ports of their games we could let the W10 die.

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"Ports" is just an afterthought jerry rigged bandaid solution. Game developers need to deploy their games using platform agnostic game engines and middleware so that nobody even has to think about porting in the first place. Maltechnologies like DirectX exist solely to tax developers and create arbitrary vendor lock-in.

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The moment it becomes possible, I will dump windows and never look back.

I know its partially possible, but it isn't at the point where its rock solid enough to make the jump. Dual-boot for now I guess.

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There are many indie games supporting Linux. Don't limit yourself to big companies in bed with M$.

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Maybe it's better to take this as an opportunity to reduce the waste of lifetime on activities that leave little results and few memories. We need everyone's time for our nation's survival.

We need everyone on our side to be prepared for when SHTF, be reasonably fit, have a few reserves in food, water, ammo and communication, keep a circle of at least three or four like minded friends to go to the gym, the range and a bit of hiking - and then starting a family of at least two kids with a partner who's as traditional as possible.

Make compromises and amends when necessary, but these are the general directions.

If the enemy makes their movies, news and computer games unpalatable for our side, it's their loss, not ours.

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Linux is now SJW infected rather than pajeet infected. OpenBSD is one of the few remaining operating systems, but it lacks driver support.

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Compared to windows it's still a massive improvement. The sjw shitfest has yet to hit anything hard, but obviously when it does you jump ship to the next best thing.

Why can't they just piss off and leave us in peace, or use a "built by blacks OS".

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Can you provide examples of the new CoC being used to oust kernel devs in favor of "diversity" coders?

Can you provide specific examples of code submitted in 4.19+ that you consider to be of inferior quality due to the new CoC?

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I'm not sure I want to trade pajeets for faggots. If I could I'd unplug entirely, but that day isn't here yet.

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Linux needs to be more popularized and more propagated, especially among the non-technical users. They need to learn that this is no longer 1990s. Downloading Ubuntu from the Internet and installing it on your laptop is not only possible but is a piece of cake these days.

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Warning: don't upgrade to windows 10

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This is what happens when you hire SJWs as 'software developers' .

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And street shitters

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What ever happened to that trans woman running windows 10 insider??

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trans woman

What the fuck are you doing? Quit repeating this bullshit.

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Methinks it's by design. I don't see Russia or China suffering from this.

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Perhaps. Russia and China are also not infested with SJWs.

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I think you forgot an "again".

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https://files.catbox.moe/9u8f35.png :

2019-01-27 | Microsoft Issues Windows 10 Upgrade Warning

'Microsoft is introducing ‘Reserved Storage’ with Windows 10 Build 1903. '

'That said, Microsoft states it will initially only apply Reserved Storage to new PCs which ship with Windows 10 1903 or later. '

'But be warned, Microsoft is repeatedly replying to user questions with “At this time” which suggests a wider roll-out of Reserved Storage is coming. '

'For that to happen, however, Microsoft must surely improve the stability of Windows 10 updates. '

'Even fan sites have written about Microsoft having a “Software Quality Problem” and, in 2018 alone, Windows 10 upgrades caused serious problems in January, April, October and November. '

This has been an automated message.

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Unit testing is all automated.

And does it show.

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While I'm chilling at Windows 7

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Microshit Pasheeit 10

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"Microshit Pasheeit 10" what you mean

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