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It is outdated. It needs to be replaced with fiber optic cables which carry both data & phone conversations at high band width.

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We already paid them for exactly that. Multiple times...

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I thought we paid the cable companies that money.

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Phone companies are going the way of the railroads.

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https://files.catbox.moe/kpog33.png :

American Phone Companies Are Literally Letting Their Networks Fall Apart - Motherboard

'Once as important as the American railroad and electrical grid, American phone companies aren’t quite what they used to be. '

'With neither competition nor government accountability to force its hand, most American phone companies now operate in an accountability vacuum. '

'Cable operators certainly appreciate phone companies’ apathy. '

'But with no local competition and local and federal oversight eroded by lobbying—many of these companies have simply stopped caring. '

'With the use of copper-based landlines having plummeted the last few years, many of the nation’s phone companies have understandably attempted to shift their business models toward new, more profitable sectors like video advertising. '

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All Internet and Phone networks should be Volkified.

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Yes. Everyone knows, but it's okay. AT&T Wireless released a new logo for LTE.

The landlines are literally useless for most places, they provide no value.

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Sure they do. (((Google))) has to rent the poles to run their fiber in some locations

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Most of the utility poles near me are actually the power company.