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In the first case, there's nothing on the antitoxin website. AntiToxin.com is whois protected, registered by a third party. Its only publications are through Tech Crunch by the same author, "Josh Constine", with nothing hosted on its own website nor through its Twitter feed. Why are they hiring for what looks like a full staff of 26 people?

Who is AntiToxin? Where are they? Why should we believe their assessment provided in this report, and why do they keep publishing those reports exclusively through Tech Crunch and exclusively with the single author of Josh Constine? For that matter, without being able to determine any of the details about this organization, or its true goals, or its members, there's no way to assess competency or conflict of interest.

This seems like another one of those "think of the children and turn your brain off" schemes. Why are we just trusting some rando group, which may just be a single guy who put red boxes on perfectly safe images, about any of this? I'm suspicious and skeptical because I have no reason to trust this group or person, and in fact being unable to determine anything about "antitoxin" other than its stated aim of 'fighting a toxic internet' (where do we often hear that?) makes me even more suspicious. Not least of which the full staff hiring, which seems like one dude trying to create a market for his product by inventing reasons to fund his project.

Edit: With some additional searching I discovered a number of peculiarities related to persons who state their association with antitoxin. There's Roi Carthy who formerly worked at Tech Crunch (which explains why one of his buddies is tooting his horn), and both him and Ron Porat are both based in Israel. Ron Porat previously worked on a project called "Shieldren", now defunct, which attempted to sell parents another form of protection software.

This really seems like a scam. They're attempting to generate interest in an as-yet unreleased product, probably a relaunch of "Shieldren", by using "think of the children" and similar bullying tactics to get corporate interest in their services. I do not believe the problem they claim exists actually does exist, because they have DIRECT financial interest in ensuring that problem does exist.

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I believe the problem exists, it's just massively trumped up. Someone searched Bing for "nude kid" and got back some loli, end of story.

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I get random beastiality on Bing all the time when searching for mundane things. That is why Bing is better than Google.

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But wait.

Bing is an algoritm.

If people are seeing this and being recommended CP, doesnt that mean that it's due to the data being fed into the algo?

I mean sure, an algo can be forced to show particular images and results like google does for example when searching for "marriage" or "inventor", but still. Shouldn't this be a larger investigation, as to WHY, bing is indexing so many CP sites???

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It is a big problem if you search for images by file type.

A number, followed by the file type eg --- ***,jpg is horrifying.

They start suggesting some really questionable stuff.

Do NOT try this.

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I tried it. Nothing illegal. Saw gay and interracial so that was pretty horrifying.

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Was this research financed by Google?

or some other more reliable and approved source?

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Fucking Bing has been doing this for years with none CP search terms, them "fixing it" now is a (((coincidence))).

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yh turn off safe image search on Bing at your won peril.

We most be close to having neural nets that can spot CP.

It depends where you are but I don't think viewing is illegal but downloading or attempting to log in to a CP site is.

Like I said about neural nets. I bet tones of CP is fed through Google reverse image search each day. At some point thats going to get people arrested.

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yh turn off safe image search on Bing at your won peril.

exactly bing has a filter that works so in other news this is just fake news.

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Bing is still a usable search engine, unlike Google, precisely because Bing actually searches for what you enter into the "search" line and finds it for you. Google has been so fucked with that it is useless.

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I use Bing on one of my devices. I've never seen any of that. They aren't a horrible search engine but they focus so much on shit for sae in the returns it's annoying enough to make me happy about my lack of shopping and buying.

I wonder if they aren't sufficiently biased and loyal to the progressive cult in their returns to bring this about.

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It says that when people entered seach terms relating to that kind of content it would return image results or recommended searches. So I assume you need to be looking for it in the first place to get it in your results.

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the idiots probably had their filter off.hence the results

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