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That's why you don't invite shit like that into your home. How often do you really need to check your front door from your phone?

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Mainly to see which nigger is stealing this time

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Better to install an automated turret then.

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Security cameras are incredibly useful and have gotten dirt cheap. Just don't be a dumbass lazy consumer, buy PoE cameras and a NVR box, open some ports on your firewall and you are good to go. Sure you can get hacked, but it's not like one company out there is going to own access to millions of cameras like yours, it would require focused effort on you specifically for someone to hack your feed. Nothing is impossible and everything can be hacked, the difference is that you make it difficult.

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Lots of people bought these before Amazon was involved. They are the ones getting fucked the worst because they may not even realize the purchase of the company happened.

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You setup a doorbell camera that connects to "the cloud" and you're surprised they're spying on you with it?

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It’s owned by Amazon... of course it does.

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I hate to jump to conclusions, but I pretty much blame Jews for this.

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I got downvoted? Probably Jews. The Jew strikes again.

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Just install your own local offline CCTV. Cheap and easy.

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Except it does very little of what Ring does. That is why people with CCTV have bought into Ring also. If someone rings your doorbell it alerts you and lets you talk back and forth to them with one way video. If someone comes to your door but doesn't ring it alerts you and you can still talk to them. You can also watch live video with sound of your doorbell. I wish there were something like it available that did not have a cloud service attached.

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You think people would be interested in setting up their own cameras, having to install their own software / hardware, having to manage their own firewall, and ensure everything stays up to date with the latest security patches?

I think I could code /design a system that would be entirely independently run but its pretty involved. Most people don't care enough to learn how to do all that shit.

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Holy shit! Not only are they spying on you, they're keeping an unencrypted copy of every video feed.

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im fucking shocked...

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ofc... if evidences exists also then were at another lvl...

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Absolutely they can do this. I had a support rep remote into mine the other day (it kept going off-line so I called them) and they said it was flagged with a technical issue in their system (hardware defect where it would no longer accept new firmware updates) and offered a replacement for free. If they can get down to the hardware level, they can surely access the live feed.

I'd love to switch to an open-source setup, but haven't found anything on the market they doesn't require rigging up a Raspberry PI with custom programming and shit to make it work.

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