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its the end my friend... its just the beginning of the end...

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Can someone explain why I should give a rats ass about some chink company?

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In short, It's owned by Chinese government. The aim is too have access to all the traffic on the Internet by underselling Cisco (a $220B company.) That way China could steal all the worlds military and business technology secrets. If there's no specific law corrupt people or perhaps morons will share technology or use compromised technology ultimately potentially causing ones fiery demise in a mass event. China's strategy is to gather info through the summation of numerous discrete bits of intel. i.e. https://fcw.com/articles/2018/10/04/china-supply-chain-hack.aspx?m=1

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Maybe because China steals tech from America. And this is a step towards not letting them walk all over us. Fucking idiot

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Its a better product for half the price.

Huawei was threatening Crapple and shitsung market share.

So Crapple got the govenment to run a slander campaign against Huawei.

Your freedom to choose is being limited by colusion.

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Golly gee whillikers, if it's against the law, that'll stop them. Just like the laws against drugs.

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I'll pass on buying a phone on the black market. There is no need to get it there when so many are available without having to do a backroom deal.

Drugs are quite different - People have chemical addictions to some of them and each drug has quite different effects with little to no comparable legal items available.

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Came to post along those.

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hell our country screwed up the worst allowing the high tech companies to move their operations to China. Can't tell me there wasn't one factory manager that wasn't bribed or threatened and ended up giving them tech secrets that they used to try to overrun everyone and every country in the tech industry. Hell I saw that coming the first company I read about opening a plant in China thinking who the fuck allowed that fucking move to happen then I realized Congress doesn't give a fuck and does what it's paid to do just not paid by us.

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it still happens. with fanfare.

Elon Musk on Twitter: Looking forward to breaking ground on the @Tesla Shanghai Gigafactory today!


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The technology had an operating budget of more than $16 million and involved more than 40 full-time-equivalent personnel.

Huawei has a revenue of $92.5 billion and 180,000 employees. So they lost .02% of their revenue and employees. This ban does absolutely nothing. The company won't even feel it. It's a good headline though, sure sounds like news.

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China is a huge problem and must be dealt with harshly one day.

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That's a giant dose of white supremacy.

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Huawei should be banned from conducting any business anyplace withing the USA. Period.

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Then US companies will be out of more than half of global market instantly. Not compatible with best selling telcos equipments.

Apple wont have 5G period. Guess who has the most 5G patents

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F--k Huawei and F--k Apple and both the horses they rode in upon! -- ! They (China) have been copy-and-pirate our technology for 30+ Years since they gained MFN Trade Status. Time to play HARD BALL with these thieving CHINK BASTARDS. They are almost as bad as the jews, an possibly worse in some ways.

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