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I am bored of games now, so luckily I do not need Windows for anything. I have one tool that runs on Windows only, but luckily it is running on WINE just fine.

I think I will format tonight.

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Not me, but I've mainly moved on to consoles. PC gaming feels more like a gimmick, especially now that 4k consoles are a thing, which even then, I couldn't spare half a fuck about 4k, 1080p looks beautiful enough to me.

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Congrats on your impending freedom!

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Not surprising at all, it seems that every time that we do a update to users computers at work Microsoft has "improved or added" something that breaks everything else. We now have laptops that the bluetooth doesn't work on after that last update.

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I wish those retarded fucks would focus on fixing things that are broken rather than adding useless, unnecessary shit.

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Yep I agree and the worst thing is on the server side there are no options to not install an update it forces you to do it.

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Microshit did the same with XP. They sent out updates that slowed it to a crawl and killed computers. Literally.

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My favorite problem to laugh at on Windows is licensing problems, because, as a Linux user, nothing like that even exists.

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Oh look, ANOTHER issue with a windows update, who'd see that coming? You'd think a multi billion dollar corporation with a monopoly on the desktop market would have their shit together by now.

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I still haven't installed the December updates for Windows 7