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IBM has a long track record of 'restructure and layoff' of it's Legacy Employees. I know many retired IBM Employees from the mainframe days up thru the early Desktop PC Era. Many convergent threads played a role in IBM's demise, along with CRAY and DEC also. In the majority of cases they each were told of their impending layoff due to 'corporate restructuring', always included personnel with 20+ Years in or were over age 50 and worst of all many had to endure the indignity of training their replacements, who in most cases were either 20-something pajeets from Bangalore or worse Chinese H1-B's. Or their positions were just eliminated entirely and the office was cleaned to the bare walls and shuttered within a week. Many are still bitter to this day. Can't say I blame them. There you go.

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Shit, that's not just IBM. That's American corporate culture.

I went though the same thing last year and the dumb fucking team of pajeets they hired to replace me couldn't do the job. I shit you not, they rehired me.

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Never teach your replacement enough.

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I hope your salary requirement went up for the rehire.

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Good for you. Hope they gave you back your previous position salary and benefits. Sadly most places would rather cove up this thing when they hire "curry-stinks" and find out they don't know jack-squat.

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AT&T did the same. They fired virtually everyone that ever worked on the American telecom infrastructure whose job it was to make sure it worked in the event of a war or other catastrophe. For about 10 years there in the early to mid 90s to mid 2000s if the shit really hit the fan not only would the phone networks not work but military communication would have gone down as well which is why satellite communication technology really kicked off. Its only recently started to be genuinely upgraded because fixing all the cable splices that went undocumented and unmapped cables is too expensive (also copper is worth recycling today, it was cheap in the 90s) so fiber backbones are starting to be laid down.

There are still situations were major cities in the US don't have independent connections to telecoms backbones and are patched into another cities telecom backbone. Most of South Dakota for example is connected to Minnesota with no real major telecom backbone lines going north or west. If something were to happen to Minneapolis then most of South Dakota would go offline and be extremely difficult to send communications into or out of that area. I think the southern half of Alabama would have similar issues if Mississippi went dark.

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Excellent info. Appreciate you sharing this. AT&T seems to be doing the same as Verizon is doing with their FiOS system in the Mid-Atlantic and New England. Ripping out all the legacy copper telephone circuits and replacing everything with fibre optics. Their so-called 'last mile' technology and they also claim it's 5G up-gradable compliant. Big problem however is if there is a power failure you lose all telephone, cable and internet service. Seems that the FiOS Network 'Helper-Monkey' Installers they are hiring are not installing Battery Backup units to go with the ONT's (Optical Network Terminal Interface) so when the power goes off say during a lightning storm you lose everything. Phone, Net and Cable TV. Of course 95% of Verizon customers will not expect their stuff to still work. Typical Verizon half-ass job. Almost as f-cked up as Comcast who has a proven track record of incompetence even worse in Customer Service than Verizon.

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A good friend of mine made the mistake of working for IBM. Laid off at 48yrs old after putting over 20yrs in with the company. He said the same thing. As he was working his way up in seniority, he saw older folks getting laid off because of their age, not their abilities. On more than one occasion he was pissed off that they would lay off a key employee on projects he was working on, creating a larger work load for others and wasting time training clueless noobs fresh out of college, thus slowing the whole project down. Didn't really sink in until it was his turn. After laying him off, managers were calling him asking him for information on a few projects. Diplomatically, told them all to fuck off.

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Should've stuck them with a consultant fee, mail them an invoice and take them to collections.

Fucking corporate "rightsizer" fucks.

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This is why you don't allow your nations to be flooded with millions of people from destitute countries where your salary = wealthy. They will work for wealthy x .5.

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Are his initials MF?

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@argosciv @kevdude @srayzie @Vindicator

Look at the comment above and tell me he's not upvoting himself.

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LOL! Did we discover this at the same time?

Check yo mentions xD

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Replace older for white and get replaced means some streetshitting Indian gets your job and that's what's going on

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Destroying innovation and joining the race to zero, resulting in less market to share in the long term. Ah well, they can hire more patent trolls.

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https://archive.ph/GxyDC :

IBM insists it's not deliberately axing older staff. Internal secret docs state otherwise... • The Register

'In March 2018, ProPublica and Mother Jones reported that IBM for years has been implementing a layoff strategy that targeted older workers. ', "Yet confidential IBM documents submitted to the court in mid-December by Langley's legal team suggest the opposite."

'"IBM makes its employment decisions based on skills and business conditions – not age,” said IBM spokesperson Ed Barbini, in a statement. '

'IBM is still refusing to turn over documents in a bombshell age-discrimination lawsuit that attorneys representing plaintiff Jonathan Langley believe will show Big Blue has deliberately and systematically shed older workers. '

'Since those claims came to light, IBM has been sued in New York, Texas, and California over age discrimination allegations. '

This has been an automated message.

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I work for a healthcare company that is within the top 10 largest in the country.

We lost 65% of our development team over the last year. We don't plan on replacing anyone. We need to continue to take on new projects as well as maintain the 100+ apps we have written. We now have a team of five. But the good news is that our CEOs had a record salary last year and that looks to be even larger this year.

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Interesting, I am in the exact same problem.

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What part of the country do you live in? :)

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Older workers tend to get paid more. They are cutting costs. And one thing I've seen too often in technology is that older people, many of them, don't stay current. I can look down from my mezzanine right now and see a guy that has never written anything but perl cgi scripts and doesn't want to learn anything more contemporary. He is first on the cutting block once we have time to replace his shit. The other older people from other companies we have bought are getting the same treatment for similar reasons as soon as we decom their shit. IBM is struggling to stay relevant. They need knowledgeable up to date employees.

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I bet that guy who knows perl will get a higher paying job if you fire him.

I like the "once we have time to..." You know you'll never have time and that guy will keep writing and supporting ancient code forever.

I'm not that guy but I was somewhat recently offered a very high paying job if I would learn perl and rewrite 20+ years of professional developers perl code for a major federal contractor. Could probably retire there 90 years old still working on that project.

I think the more likely reason which is somewhat related is that older people don't put up with as much bullshit. That guy knows he'll get by. He is a developer. He'll die before he can't make a living writing perl regardless of how his wages change. Companies want young desperate workers who are trying to prove something and haven't realized yet that they'll never get to join the illuminati no matter how late they stay.

You sound like you're about there right now.

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Why the fuck are you on the internet at work!? Get back cunt.

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IME - most computer training is bloated and sucks. Anyone with a foundation of computer science training can learn anything with oreilly books. Reducing costs with cheap labor rarely saves and does not position the company for innovating new products. The problem was not defined properly - reducing the middle line is easier than increasing the top line with profitable growth. A lazy man's strategy is not sustainable and killed the innovation engine which created the firm in the first place. Easier to destroy value rather than creating it. In this case, it maximized shareholder value while silently killing the marketplace. And here we are.

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Yes they do need knowledgeable and up to date employees and its not really a problem to get rid of some old codger that only writes / uses older tools when when newer standards and tools can do the job in a more reliable, efficient, or productive way. They don't automatically get those by hiring young people with no knowledge, experience, or ability to do what the older employer used to do even if they hire someone as a direct replacement.

IBM killed off their server business by staff layoffs, they killed off most of their materials and computer science research divisions at the same time which is why they eventually sold off their silicon fabrication and pretty much let the PowerPC platform drop off the face of the earth when it used to be inside virtually every car, they killed off their desktop business, killed their laptop and workstation brands until Lenovo got it all for a steal. There is a point where cutting costs doesn't actually improve the health of the business it just limits themselves because they just fired a bunch of knowledgeable up to date employees so some rich greedy prick can live off the profits as the entire business declines. You can only trim the fat so often before you just start cutting into the muscle and bones of the company.

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get those by hiring young people with no knowledge, experience, or ability to do what the older employer used to do even if they hire someone as a direct replacement.

Because that's not what they do if they are not retarded. They hire an experienced developer in the technical direction they want to go with experience in a tangential industry. You can find older people like that but they are rare. They are either incompetents that never bothered to maintain current skills or they moved off into management by time they are that old. You end up with someone probably between 40-45 years old with 20+ years experience often working with exactly what you want to move towards.

IBM hasn't done much right in recent history but it doesn't mean this in particular is a bad move.

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