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The one that fits in the best VALUE for the PRICE device without a history of fake application of OLDER model numbers on modern models lacking the same ram or firmware area.

And the one that offers control of WIFI particulars that the US FCC tries to thwart.

notice NO ONE provides links to AFFORDABLE best routers for sale and in stock TODAY? Even with a warning saying "Though this link may be old by now , as I write this the best three values are ... xxx... yyyy. ... zzzz ? Notice that all links on the net lack useful purchasing guidance of LEGIT models in stock and affordable?

I will admit that if you triple your budget for a router you can buy one in stock that typically is not a model number reuse scam.

The scam? A popular CHEAP MODEL undercuts all the sales of a company.. becomes overly popular... because it has enough firmware for more than one version, fast cpu, radio control, and lots of ram, usb storage control, and more.... then the company does a board rev with half the ram, half the firmware, a castrated radio, etc but USES THE OLD 4.5 star rated reviewed model number!

They reuse the old model number on SHIT GEAR to make this a fucking pain in the ass. Its almost a conspiracy. maybe the feds pay the companies to pull that crap.

Am I being helpful ? No. Do your own painful purchasing research and see I am right.

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Why are you buying turnkey solutions, setup a pc or microcontroller as firewall.

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For security. PCs allow the NSA in via AMDs and Intels special backdoors in the CPUs lowest level on-chip hypervisors. Its well publicized. Hinted at in 2013 at this link but proven in recent years :



you want your FIRST line of defense to be a device like this with TOTAL open sourcecode to the entire firmware and os within.

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  • Decide you want to install DD-WRT on a router
  • (With difficulty) choose a router that supports it
  • Attempt to find the proper version for your router
  • Dig through the overwhelming variety of options
  • Cry
  • Find and read the Peacock Thread
  • Cry
  • Attempt to install DD-WRT
  • Cry
  • Re-read the Peacock Thread
  • Decide life is no longer worth living
  • Throw away the bricked router
  • Buy another router and just use what's on it

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That's what I use. It's pretty good.

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I liked the DD-WRT firmware. This removes the problem of freezing the router (I have TP-Link). Configuring is difficult, but there are detailed instructions on http://router-reset.com

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Tomato, I used to use DD-WRT, but it was glitchy for me, and lacked a few features that Tomato had.

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Long-time fan of DD-WRT. I used all the "advanced" features that Tomato (at the time) lacked, like configurable WiFi capture pages, multiple VLANs, printer server, VPN, etc.

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they're all pretty good, much better than what you get out of the box.

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the one that you can turn vpn on an off easiest - whichever that is. the problem i am having with vpns - is more and more websites are not working due to the vpn. then again maybe if WE ALL voted with our traffic....

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You don't turn vpn off and on... you have a second browser open and set it up to use a different way to get on internet. You merely switch between two browsers.

One browser goes through the proxy setting in browser pref, one browser doesn't. The one that doesn't uses your normal internet connection. The one that does goes through the VPN to the proxy. Then you decide to make all your machine VPN except one browser, or vice versa.

I assume there are minor tutorials on the net for this if you cant figure it out quickly.

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thanks man had no idea