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Sounds like the type of system an alien race would put together.

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☘☘☘Welch☘☘☘ is Irish American and Roman Catholic. His paternal and maternal grandparents were Irish.[6]


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Irony: Zuckerberg was a fucking outcast in school and had few friends.

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Fuck anyone that works for facebook. I hope they all die in the war with the google scum.


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Lol, another one hinkin here will b some war, delusional.

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Stacked ranking is cancer, as is anonymous feedback.

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If they did merit based promotions then you'd have management full of all the white males that work hard and actually went to school for this stuff. And that won't do.

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When a person is willing to sell out their own beliefs for a piece of the pie then that person has sold their soul. No one is forced to work at FB (yet). When you work for demon's you will have to put up with hell a lot.

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I honestly don't get it aside from stock options of bonuses. I never see salaries on glassdoor that seem like it would be worth working for them / living in locations that would be required to work for Big-N companies.

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So don't work for kikeburg. Check please!