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Hmm ... i can always just not buy a samsung, then. Thank you, EA for teaching us all something.

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You could just buy the Exynos variant of a Samsung phone, then put a custom rom on it

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That's because it's installed in the ROM with the OS. The ROM is a read-only memory that you can't modify easily (you need to "flash" it). Unless Samsung has crippled Android's security, deactivating the FB app should be the same for your privacy as deleting it.

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Usually an OS on the ROM is only there so it can be installed (factory reset) into the hard drive. Modern operating systems want to be mutable because they need to be updated. So a ROM would only explain it being in the OEM install.

Ultimately there is going to have to be a table on the phone of installed apps that will be mutable. It's not like every time you boot your phone it goes through all blocks of memory and tests if there is an app there.

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Root phone, install Lucky Patcher, delete any system app you want. Done. @Atkho

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Just messed with a friends new samsung. It wouldn't let me disactivate some preinstalled apps.

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Same with my Galaxy S7. I spent a whole afternoon going through the pre-installed apps and removing what I could, disabling what I couldn't remove, and revoking all permissions/notifications/updates/access from the ones I couldn't disable. Such a huge pain in the ass.

I'm sure it's all for show and Facebook plus others still have full access to whatever they want even if you remove the app, but it makes me feel better to at least try and reclaim some of my own device.

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That's why you always research a phone first, and make sure you can root it. No one should have an unrooted phone. I got an HTC with the same problem, years ago. But it was easy to root and install a custom ROM. No more Facebook.

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I made the switch to android. No where I looked it did say AT&T, Verizon, and Tmobile removes OEM Unlock on US versions.

Galaxy S9, unrootable and a piece of shit that keeps reenabling facebook and bixby after I've disabled it.

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Can you tell me the benefits of rooting a phone? My warranty expires at the end of the year and I was thinking about doing it. To unlock the bootloader of my phone, I have to submit a request to LG with some special unlock code so they can email me a binary to unlock my bootloader. So reason why I can't root now is they'll know I unlocked the bootloader so restoring to factory settings wouldn't take care of much.

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I had two zte phones where i could not uninstall facebook

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Just checked and you can actually uninstall it on the T-Mobile Galaxy S9. Different mobile networks have slightly different firmware and software so YMMV

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I can't delete it from my LG phone, either. At least I won't log into it, for what it's worth.

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Root your phone? I've successfully removed Facebook from plenty this way, even when locked as a system app. With a rooted phone, you could brick it by running rm /* -frd if you wanted to, and it would obey.

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semi unrelated and uncalled for anecdote.
My friend just got a new Asus laptop. Windows. it was full of bloat like Evernote. basically Companies pay Asus to preload their shit.
normies dont uninstall it .
but just generally lots of Asus crapware aswell.
I always install clean OS's onto devices myself. like Lineage OS on my LG phone. And Windows 10 clear iso on my Acer laptop.

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It's the same for the Netflix app on my Razer Phone.

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isnt that like illegal in the US?
cause Netflix has competitors right? like hulu and shit.

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The REASON this is important is because Facebook is one of the apps that will LISTEN to your conversations. This is also on Samsung Smart TV's and is unable to be uninstalled. We should all be wary of products that we have paid for yet still do not have complete control over. Essentially paying to allow our rights and freedom to be infringed...

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Do you know if you can physically unplug the microphone on the Samsung TVs?

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This is a very question I have looked into myself. I have not found a definitive answer, but logically speaking if there is a part on a machine it can be deactivated/removed, but there could be consequences for the overall functionality of the equipment depending on how the software and hardware connects with one another. There needs to be more transparency and oversight into not only how the manufacturing company can access the product once it becomes the consumer's property, but also how third-parties may access as well. Obviously there should be a clear and easy way to pick and choose how data is transmitted, which as it stands now the best method is to disable WIFI entirely which may render the reason for paying for a "Smart" tv useless.

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Yes it is essential for your phone to operate.. I can't imagine how my phone would function with out the foundational faceberg app.. /s

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