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Not bad, Nvidia has been in dire need of real competition for some time now.

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Lots of folks complaining that it is too expensive since it doesn't beat the 2080 and doesn't have RTX. But it really does match or beat the 2080 and at about the same price. RTX is still not a real selling point since it is barely used and has a huge negative impact on performance.

I think AMD is not going to be able to compete at the xx80Ti level any time soon still, but Navi will be later this year and should eat everything below that in price.

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2080/1080ti performance for $700 with no raytracing or dlss. 2080s can be had for that and less($670 after rebate): https://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&DEPA=0&Order=BESTMATCH&Description=2080+rtx&N=4021&isNodeId=1 and used 1080tis go for $450-550. They need to drop the price &/or improve the card before they release it a month from now, like implement a dlss competitor with all that extra memory and bandwidth they have.

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TBH I don't think this is really helping. It may cost the same as the RTX 2080, but it'll likely trade blows with the card while using potentially 75W more power (2-8 pin connectors likely means a TDP of 300W), and as a result may run hotter and even louder. Sure it has double the video memory, but there's hardly any game out there that'll require that much. And by the time the average game uses over 8GB VRAM, the card will likely be too weak to run the games at acceptable framerates anyway. And while RTX and DLSS (AI upscaling) aren't widely used yet, for the same cost it seems like a nice bonus.

Also, I think what will hurt AMD even more is the fact that there were some rumours late last year that were mainly perpetrated by a youtuber who goes by the handle of AdoredTV (video discussing the rumours here: https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=PCdsTBsH-rI ). Basically his rumours stated that navi cards would be highly competitive with nvidia's GPUs (for instance, the rumoured RX 3080 would take on nvidia's RTX 2070 for HALF the cost). Several other tech sites started reporting on this video, believing him too since he did build some credibility by getting it right about the zen 2 chiplet design. He also somewhat doubled down in another video saying that these rumours aren't actually too good to be true and in another video also said that it was unlikely that the radeon VII would happen. Turns out his info wasn't exactly right and the opposite happened, and now he's saying that the navi cards weren't revealed because they had to be re-spun apparently. For all we know this could either be true, or he's going into damage control mode, or possibly both. Either way I believe he has risen the expectations of many people, only to be let down by the reveal of the radeon VII.

tl;dr AMD's not really going to do much damage to nvidia's bottom line since nvidia's gpus are still comparably better offerings due to lower power consumption and additional features. Not to mention the high expectations that were set due to some rather unbelievable rumours that came from someone supposedly credible which were dashed once the actual card was revealed. I guess now we wait for vega Navi.

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If you watch Buildzoid’s video, the Radeon VII card is mostly just a repurposed datacenter chip. As Buildzoid, and AdoredTV also, has mentioned, AMD can’t afford to cater to the gaming market with custom silicon when gamers will mindlessly buy Nvidia anyway.

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Before upgrading graphics potential invest in a freesync or gsync monitor first, it's so worth it.

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Freesync all the way. Ignore GSync. nVidia now has announced Freesync support on certain monitors. Stay in that list and you can buy whatever card you want from either company and get that variable sync goodness. Buy GSync and you are stuck buying nVidia or using VSync (shudder).

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I picked up a 27" 144hz Freesync in 2016 for under the equivalent of $300. Didn't know what to expect but holy shit so good.

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Running a Ryzen 2400g APU. Never going back Intel.

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It's a great value for Machine Learning, as AMD doesn't cripple its consumer products the way nVidia does.

16 GB HBM2 for 700 USD isn't shabby at all.

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Competition is good for consumers, better products cheaper!!

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Am I the only one who found the key note from AMD underwhelming?

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I thought the Epyc demo was really good, and next-gen Ryzen looks promising. Those aside, yeah. The rest was meh.

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I was hoping for more bragging about their CPUs and a casual announcement of their GPU because they clearly are not going to gain them mind share over Nvidia with a vega card. The branding of VEGA is radioactive for them in terms of sales.

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Available early Feb, and about $50-100 cheaper retail than Nvidia's flagship. We'll have to see how it performs though...I bought AMD during the RX 400/500 vs Gtx 1000 series days and regretted it.

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IDK man

driver support long term is shit on nvidia from what i remember comparing with Radeon vs Nvidia. Nvidia abandons their GPU's over time

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That is where AMD is much better than nVidia. My R9 390 was still getting improvements a few months ago when I replaced it. Original release was June 2015 for that chip so 3.5 years and multiple releases later is pretty damn good. It has been shown that they at least keep performance similar over time at nVidia, but nothing like still getting 2-3% improvements in certain games years later.

nVidia announced a certain level of Freesync support, which is where AMD was flat eating their lunch. Pairing an RVII with a freesync monitor is hundreds cheaper than a 2080 plus a GSync monitor. To see that nVidias only answer to the RVII is Freesync support on certain monitors tells me they are stuck. And I really think that the RVII will be performing much better in 6 months, especially at 4K where that 16 GB RAM may have a use.

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I can't wait for VIII, gonna be glorious! Checkout the prototype

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