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"manipulated our internal Memegen to bias the ratings towards anti-Damore posts"

Very important that you fully grasp it

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My understanding is that Memegen is an internal meme-posting site for Google employees to make fun of their bosses and other things, so by manipulating it Google is secretly trying to influence employees and create a consensus on a site who's supposed purpose is to be an unfiltered outlet for Google employees.

Either Google build Memegen to be a way to influence employees from the beginning, or they saw the potential at some point and decided to manipulate employees. Essentially this says that Google will lie to and manipulate employees in any way possible if it benefits them.

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internal meme-posting site for Google employees to make fun of their bosses

Something like that was designed from the ground up with the intent of finding people to gulag.

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Chairman Mao tactics.

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So, in short, pretty much what SJW cunts do internet-wide (and society-wide) to attempt to shift public perception.

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Which is exactly why some posts seem to fly to the top and others don't when you post them. It's all controlled under strict observation..................That means Voat, too.

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just look at reddit and all the pro-black and pro-pitbull posts.

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Moreso, Executives were given talking points to speak with subordinates so they narrative could be controlled. Propaganda 101. Sadly nothing will come of this. But I would loved to be proven wrong.

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It confirms the obvious (to anons) that Google has the ability to filter any content its users see, and the intent to use it as a propaganda and brainwashing tool.

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It is funny that they probably fired an employee who cared about google. They keep all the confused transexual SJWs who only care about their agenda.

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That's because Google is simply a part of a much greater agenda.

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Google is literally the public face of the intelligence community. They were setup to dominate and using their private entity status able to get around pesky laws like the right to free speech. They've utterly enslaved us using convenience as a weapon and the really fucked thing is that people know all this and happily pay out the arse for the latest phones and literal wiretaps for our homes.

I hate to act all blackpilled but I really don't see how they can be stopped short of society collapsing first and even then the conveniences they supplied will likely be one of the first things we want back.

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Google is CIA, but I'm assuming this poor bastard did not know. He probably thought he was doing something good by working there.

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Yeah -- all the engineers that made google and put in the hard work to build it have been purged over time and replaced with affirmative action hires that think they are special because they are niggers that "work" in tech.

Mostly these niggers and spics don't do anything productive at all - but they are paid well - which makes them actually imagine themselves as competent.

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The truth is that a lot of google's 'innovations' were purchases. They didn't invent Android in house, for instance. Nest was a purchase. Etc etc.

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Most of it runs itself.

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They were all duped. We all have been dued to a certain extent.

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I am not adding anything, but that line had such an impact on me. Just to see in writing that they discarded a loyal employee who actually cared for the giant corporation, made me sick. I am not saying that it was unexpected, just that it was written down as a throw away line in a paragraph.

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It jumped out at me when I read it. The priorities are flipped, just like the satanists like to do.

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Google is a tool, and the primary function of a tool is to accomplish a purpose. The employee is mistakenly fetishizing the tool itself, instead of focusing on the results it's meant to create.

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The bright side is he can take all his knowledge, and start something better.

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he's blacklisted. He can't get hired at other companies easily, and no venture capitalist will work with him.

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And he should...

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This is beautiful. He posted the same thing to r/google and to was removed for "Support Question".

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This should be required reading in schools. Fucking atrocious.

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Just as the Jews engineered the great depression to seize control of the real estate and manufacturing industries, the same was done during the dot com crash. Any time capital is being thrown around recklessly to cause a "boom", one should be very wary of the Jew's intentions.

They gutted the "American dream" of having a prosperous future by working a 9 to 5 labor job and they're working on destroying the internet as well.

This is one of the main reasons why the Jew always seeks to control a nation's currency and capital.

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Do you have some evidence on hand of this Jewish control of the economy? Im interested to see what you might provide

[–] jthun2 3 points 2 points (+5|-3) ago 

Go away schlomo.

You are an idiot. Simply look at who controls the central banks in most european countries. Find a list of the firms who created the US Fed. Find a list of the people who created the bank of england.

and then there is the empirical work on share ownership, including this:


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Member for: 1.8 days

Lurk moar, newfag.

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I see Google's PR created an account to post a "correct the record" post that's like 5 posts long.

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How did they spy on his phone and computer? Were these his work devices that had pre-installed corporate software or just off the shelf devices, meaning if they can spy on Damore, Google can spy on anyone.

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His phone was a part of the google work policy group. This gives you some elevated privileges. Like being able to remote force wipe the phone in the most common case. Even personal devices if you are using them for work purposes. I imagine Google's controls are more fine grained than the ones I've experienced like the wiping I've said and forcing password requirements on the device itself.

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You have to configure a phone for use on Google's internal networks. This means installing a package of software that forces you to use a password to boot, etc. Who knows what else it does.

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James O'keefe should be reaching out to anyone in these companies to tell whatever they can about people know they, what they're working on, anything. We should be forming spy networks in these companies for absolutely anything they are doing. Let the spy network decide how they are going to use it.

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